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Grim Reaper To Call On Taliban

Untitled document In a very short time it will genuinely suck to be a Taliban fighter in Afghanistan. Oh sure, the caves already are pretty dreadful, the food is terrible and there is the ever-present threat of NATO forces coming … Continue reading

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Did Anyone Else Notice?

Untitled document Senator Craig began his statement to the press today by saying: "Thank you for all coming out." No one thought, "Nice to see ya" would have been a less ironic opening? Tweet

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Russia Captures Master Criminal

Untitled document I'm sure plenty of folks in Russia are breathing a little easier tonight. A Russian court hearing against a University of Missouri-St. Louis graduate student, who is charged with trying to smuggle old coins and military medals out … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, In Germany

Untitled document This is obviously related to the previous post about an escaped emu. Animals from down under are running around up over. Another escaped Australian animal has been captured, this time in Germany. A kangaroo has been bounding about … Continue reading

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Hi, Welcome To Emu-Mart

Untitled document A Warning to residents of West Bend, Wisconsin: Emus are looking for low, low prices! Employees of a Wal-Mart Supercenter used shopping carts to corral a wayward emu outside the store Monday about 6 a.m., West Bend police … Continue reading

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Repeating A Phony Story

Untitled document The Washington Post repeats the same, tired story that the AP tried: The war in Iraq is causing an ammunition shortage for police. I slammed that AP story when it came out, Bob Owens did a huge and … Continue reading

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Iran Offers Bupkis To West’s Demands

Untitled document This is the most ludicrously misleading headline the Associated Press has offered in at least the last 30 minutes: Iran agrees to reveal nuclear info. Wow, that sounds like a real breakthrough, doesn't it? Yeah, sure. VIENNA, Austria … Continue reading

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Greek Fire

Untitled document Rich posted earlier about the fires raging all across Greece. Mention was made that the Greek Prime Minister, Costas Karamanlis, had stated that all of these simultaneous fires really could not be accidental. Well, Greek authorities have made … Continue reading

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