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Windy Promises

Untitled document Here's an interesting item from Britain. It seems that the windy promises of low-cost wind energy are not exactly panning out. In fact, the rush to build wind farms is not working out very well at all. Blowing … Continue reading

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Yankee Doom

Untitled document In a story fraught with mythological doom, the New York Times waxes poetic on the story of the squirrel at the end of creation. But more significant, perhaps, was the pesky and distracting squirrel that scampered up and … Continue reading

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Take Out Deer

Untitled document A deer decided that she had a craving for Chinese food. So she visited the Canton restaurant in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada to get a big dish of beef chow mein. A deer that found itself in a downtown restaurant was … Continue reading

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“If We Pull This Off, We’ll Eat Like Kings”

Untitled document The post title is the punchline from one of the all-time best Far Side cartoons. The cartoon shows two spiders who have constructed a giant web across the bottom of a playground slide. What would you do if you walked … Continue reading

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Mount Soledad

Untitled document My wife and I made it a point to visit the Mount Soledad Veteran's Memorial while we were out in San Diego earlier this week. The memorial itself had been the target of a relentless lawsuit that was … Continue reading

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A Nonexistent Consensus

Untitled document This is a fascinating little revelation, isn't it? A widely cited study from 2004 performed by history professor Naomi Oreskes found a widespread consensus in published papers about global warming. The study has been updated, Using the exact same methodology … Continue reading

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Puffin Away

Untitled document Here's a rather odd story. A project has been underway since the 1970s to bring puffins back to Maine. The birds were once hunted regularly and puffins disappeared sometime around the turn of the 20th century. But there … Continue reading

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Untitled document Michael Totten has an op-ed up over at the New York Daily News that describes what he saw while he was in Iraq. As usual, Totten describes the situation in Iraq honestly – the good and the bad. … Continue reading

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Losing Vietnam

Untitled document Robert Tracinski, the editor of The Intellectual Activist and TIA Daily, has a thought-provoking piece up over at Real Clear Politics. He argues, pretty convincingly, that the left is rapidly losing control of the Vietnam war. As odd … Continue reading

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