Another Bearglary

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We here at Blue Crab Boulevard issued a calm warning about bears just a few days ago. We pointed out that a bear had unlocked the secret of frozen treats and cautioned that the bear would gossip about it to his bear buddies. Ahem. Told ya so.

A Crystal Bay Cove resident returned home Sunday night to find that a bear had made itself at home in her condominium.

Lee Cunningham spent the evening out at Sand Harbor State Park, enjoying the Midsummer Nights performance with friends. She arrived home at 10:30 p.m. to find a bear entered her home through a screened-in window. Two refrigerators were open and food was all over the floor; the bear left her kitchen a mess.

Cunningham raises Burmese kittens and her first thought was that they had created the mess, but she thought better and wondered if someone had broken into her home.

She then found a business card from the Washoe County Sheriff's Office and called. Cunningham found out that her next-door neighbor heard the bear enter her house and called the sheriff to take care of the situation.

The responding officer hit the bear with a number of rubber bullets to scare it out of the home.

Load up, load up, load up the rubber bullets. Now the bear bolted when the bullets bounced, but still managed to carry off the woman's full cat food bin.

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