Bearifying Incident

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Well, so much for the advice from the bear lady. Earlier we reported on her outrage that a family had hidden in a bedroom rather than face a bear. Her advice:

"The thing that gets me is the family was too afraid to approach the bear – they were scared, so they hid in the bedroom. It's shameful," Bryant said. "That's what is happening in the basin. People are being kept in fear by (NDOW and the California Department of Fish and Game) because they're telling them it's OK to be afraid. It's just shameful.

"That's why this bear was needlessly shot. Because the family was to afraid to yell at the bear to 'get out' and stand its territory."

Well, a man in Maryland did just that. This, however, did not discourage the bear. In fact, it enraged the bear.

NRP Sgt. Ken Turner said Friday that the husband and wife heard commotion outside their house and then saw a bear trying to get at two penned goats.

“The man said he shouted at the bear and the bear turned and ran toward the couple. He told the investigating officer that he was glad nobody was seated on the porch because the bear moved so quickly that they would not have had time to get into the house,” Turner said.

The bear then attempted to pull an air conditioning unit out of the window frame as the wife held onto the unit from inside.

The husband grabbed a shotgun, loaded it with No. 4 pellets and shot through the window at the bear, according to Turner.

The couple called Maryland State Police at 7:30 p.m. and at 8 p.m. a NRP officer arrived to find the bear struck in the head and neck area and lying, still alive, in the yard. Turner said the officer then put the bear down.

“We were not dealing with a typical black bear, it seems,” Turner said, referring to the aggressive actions of the animal.

There is speculation that the bear may have been previously injured by a car, but that may or may not have any bearing on the events, even if true. The point is, there is no "one-size fits all" solution to any bear encounter. This time, the man acted exactly as he should have – and authorities will not be charging him since they concur. (I personally wouldn't use #4 buckshot on a bear, but then I live in a state where 00 buckshot is legal. It is not in some states. Of course, one of these would be nice to have when you really need it. If you didn't hit the bear, you'd still scare it to death.)

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  1. guy says:


    I was SURE that S&W page you linked was one of your photoshops.

    The picture of the bear book in the pistol case is too perfect.

  2. Gaius says:

    What photoshops? All of my photos are genuine Reuters Grade(tm). Honest.

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