China Breaks Up Another Smuggling Ring

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Authorities in China continue to be plagued by reptile smugglers. This time they have broken up a turtle smuggling ring. The turtles, cleverly disguised as ordinary boxes, were attempting to get from Hong Kong to mainland China when they were intercepted.

HONG KONG – Hong Kong police have arrested two men accused of trying to smuggle more than 7,000 live pet turtles to mainland China, the government said Friday.

Marine police intercepted the two men Wednesday as they were loading about 300 cartons onto speedboats, a government statement said. The cartons were filled with clear plastic containers containing the tiny dark green turtles, each smaller than a human palm, a photograph published in the Ming Pao Daily News showed.

The turtles were seized along with counterfeit computer video discs. Together the turtles and discs were worth a total of $820,000, the statement said.

They always blame the human hirelings in these cases. But the turtles, primarily from North American sources, are the real criminals. Meanwhile, the authorities are celebrating their victory with a banquet. The soup is delicious.

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