Dirtier And Dirtier

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I mentioned in my post Hsu's On First that I thought the government should be taking a wee bit of interest in exactly where Norman Hsu (who turned himself in on his 15-year old felony warrant today) was getting all that lovely cash he was donating to Democrats. Guess what? They are. It is a LOT of money and things are about to get very interesting because there is a lot of dirt about to be exposed.

Same m.o., different Clinton campaign. The WSJ reports in an online article dated Sept. 1 that the Justice Department is now looking into Norman Hsu’s possible straw campaign donations as a result of the paper’s investigation published earlier this week:

The U.S. Justice Department is investigating possible campaign-finance violations by top Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu, according to people familiar with the probe.

Ready for the complaints from Asian-American groups about being “profiled?” They’re coming, I promise you.

What say you, Hillary? Nothing:

Mrs. Clinton’s campaign declined to comment yesterday. The New York senator, along with other Democrats, has said she would turn over donations received from Mr. Hsu to charity.

But Mr. Hsu’s legal woes are a political blow to the many prominent Democrats who accepted his funds, in particular Mrs. Clinton. While there is no sign any of them were aware of Mr. Hsu’s actions and prior record, they could be embarrassed by the probe of his fundraising.

How bad is this going to get? Well, there is at least $1.3 million in play here, spread across:

65 Democratic candidates (even one Republican(!), though he lost…) running for everything from State Assembly to President. You’ll find them running in 32 states. You’ll find 9 Democratic campaign committees and 10 Democratic state parties in the mix…With the state-level data added, we’ve now shot past $1.3 million.

Suitably Flip has compiled a huge amount of data from public records to get to those numbers. You know the Dems would love for this to go away, but it appears to be too big and smelly a fish for even the MSM to avoid. And that could upset a few apple carts. There is a lot of very murky money in play here and it is about time to start asking where it is all coming from.

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