Head-Banger Deer Turns Home Into Personal Mosh Pit

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A couple in Massachusetts is waiting for the insurance adjusters to arrive after a visit by a "deranged" deer. The deer, obviously a fan of heavy metal and punk rock music, started head-banging then decided to mosh in the couple's home.

METHUEN – Don Brouck was home alone Wednesday afternoon when he heard a funny noise on the back porch.

"I looked out and there was a full-size deer banging his head against the window," Brouck said.

The head banging was just the beginning. Seconds later, the disoriented deer burst through a glass door, launching a path of destruction in the Broucks' home of 37 years.

In the end, Methuen police shot and killed the deranged deer, and Brouck and his wife were left with thousands of dollars in damage and a big, big mess to clean up. Tables were toppled, glass was broken and blood was smeared on walls, floors, fences and doors. Some of the damaged items, including quilts Linda Brouck made, were destroyed.

The house is "completely trashed," the mother of two grown children said yesterday. She sat on the front porch as a Servicemaster crew was cleaning inside. The couple were waiting for insurance adjusters to come by and assess the damage.

"I don't know what the bottom line is going to be," Don Brouck said.

We've documented deer dancing before. Usually the dancing is done on beagles. We here at Blue Crab Boulevard blame Led Zeppelin for starting all this.

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