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Spurning Responsibility

I posted about the plans of Britain's labor government to gut the Royal Navy. Yes, I did so in a way that made fun of them. Michael Van Der Galien described my take as quite accurate. He also pointed out … Continue reading

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The Smear Campaigns – Redux

Noel Sheppard has a post up over at Newsbusters that looks – hard – at the connections between the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Soros-funded Media Matters group. That organization has been leading smear campaigns against conservatives for quite some … Continue reading

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Bobby’s Corner: Land At Last!

Hey, everyone! Bobby Mugabe here again. I keep on fightin' the good fight against imperialism by bringing enlightened socialism to the grateful people of Zimbabwe. And I have even more good news to report! The last of those imperialist scum who … Continue reading

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Thousands Dead In Burma?

The Daily Mail has a really horrible report about the situation in Burma. (I stress here that this is uncorroborated.) They say that a high-ranking defector from the military junta is charging that thousands of people – including many monks … Continue reading

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The King Of Recycling

Seymour Hersh is the undisputed king of green. He recycles everything. Especially his stories. In a series of public statements in recent months, President Bush and members of his Administration have redefined the war in Iraq, to an increasing degree, … Continue reading

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Talk Versus Do

The military junta that has ruthlessly controlled Burma since 1962 flooded the nation's largest city with troops today and appear to have – again – suppressed a popular uprising. It's that "talk versus do" thing writ large. The United Nations … Continue reading

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Lousy Pay, Harsh Conditions, Short Life Expectancy

Sign up for jihadi duty in Iraq while there is still time. Because it sure looks like its running out for al Qaeda right now. Even the Associated Press is unable to contain the news. More than 60 al Qaeda … Continue reading

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African Union Peacekeepers Overrun, Killed

The Associated Press is reporting that "rebels" overran an African Union Peacekeeping force base in Darfur. At least 10 AU soldiers are dead and the base has been evacuated and abandoned. Oh, and looted by Sudanese forces. HASKANITA, Sudan – Rebel … Continue reading

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The Democrat’s Reverse Robin Hood

It's kind of amusing when even the Associated Press has to note the hypocrisy of the Democrat's SCHIP funding plans. Because it is nothing more than robbing the poor to pay for benefits for the relatively rich, so to speak. … Continue reading

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Taliban Considering Peace – Karzai

Afghan president Hamid Karzai is saying that there is a significant number of taliban insurgents who are debating opting for peace rather than war. Taliban spokesmen deny that, however. Karzai said Saturday he would be willing to meet personally with … Continue reading

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Gutter Seals

North Bend, Oregon has a burgeoning problem with carousing elephant seal pups falling down in the gutter. One young elephant seal created a bit of a stir at the California Street boat ramp on Friday. Twice. The first time, late … Continue reading

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Sense Of Despair

The Guardian reports that Burma is overwhelmed with a sense of despair since the military junta has demolished the fragile democracy movement. After early optimism, a sense of hopelessness now exists in Rangoon. Communication to the outside world has been … Continue reading

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Taking The Red Pill

Pat over at Screw Loose Change has a make-your-day type of post. A dedicated 9/11 "truther" has taken the red pill and woken up from the 9/11 truther matrix. One of the founders of the University of Albany's 9-11 Truth … Continue reading

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North Korean Deal?

Envoys to the six-party talks trying to dismantle North Korea's nuclear program have reportedly reached a tentative agreement on the draft of the plan. BEIJING – Negotiators at North Korea's disarmament talks tentatively agreed to a draft plan Sunday on … Continue reading

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In The Corner With Eliot

Michael Goodwin continues to pound New York governor Eliot Spitzer. Today he notes exactly how desperate Spitzer is to try to get some support for his faltering administration. The aftermath of the "troopergate" scandal is doing serious damage to Spitzer. The only … Continue reading

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