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NOTE: Important update at bottom. 

Wow, Flip Pidot has taken sole and complete ownership of the Norman Hsu investigation. Journalists could seriously learn from him. He has uncovered something that suddenly makes huge chunks of the Hsu mystery fall into place.

The mystery of Hsu's candidate slate is a vexing one.  Enlightenment, however, appears to be tucked away in a single transaction listed in a  NYC Campaign Finance Board disclosure.

Contributor: Norman Hsu
Employer: Next Components
Candidate: Christine Quinn
Amount: $4,950
Date: 6/5/07
Intermediary: Lillian Vernon

This is peculiar.  As an A-list Democratic fundraiser, Hsu is typically the bundler in these transactions, not the bundlee.  So what gives?

Lillian Vernon is a trinket catalog company, perhaps best known for its constant lampooning on Mad TV.  It was founded by Lillian Hochberg in Mount Vernon, NY (clever, eh?) in 1951.  Lillian's son Fred is the current CEO and his brother David is an executive at the company.

Oh, you really have to go over there and see where all that leads. I won't steal his thunder. Let's just say that a very large rock has just been turned over.

Extremely nice work, Flip.

UPDATE: Flip has issued a correction after being advised that some of his original information is incorrect. Lillian Vernon has contacted me directly as weel with the following email:

Good Afternoon:
This is to advise you that the  information you are referencing on Flip
regarding Lillian Vernon and Fred Hochberg is not accurate:
In the recent posting "Hsocking Hsu Secrets Revealed!" Fred Hochberg is
incorrectly identified as the "current CEO" of Lillian Vernon and his
brother David as "an executive at the company."

Fred Hochberg's last day with Lillian Vernon Corporation was more than
fourteen years ago: May 31, 1993. Mr. Hochberg was not CEO of the
company, though he did serve as President and C.O.O. before leaving to
pursue other interests. 

David Hochberg's affiliation with Lillian Vernon Corporation ended more
than two years ago.

Lillian Vernon Corporation was purchased by Ripplewood Holdings in 2003.
The company was subsequently sold more than a year ago to SunCapital

Though Ms. Vernon acts as our chairman emeritus, neither she nor her
sons maintain any ownership of Lillian Vernon Corporation. 

Flip has been notified. 

Please clarify this information for your readers.
Philip Read
Public Relations Specialist
Lillian Vernon Corporation
2600 International Parkway
Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Happy to do so, Mr. Read. There is no connection to Lillian Vernon, the company. There appears to be some connection to Lillian Vernon the person instead. I apologize for any confusion.

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