Gutter Seals

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North Bend, Oregon has a burgeoning problem with carousing elephant seal pups falling down in the gutter.

One young elephant seal created a bit of a stir at the California Street boat ramp on Friday.


The first time, late in the morning, it crawled out of the water and rested near shore.

Oregon State Police were there and called Fuzzy Farms Rescue owner Lucaina Camarillo to take a look at the animal.

Camarillo and her staff were able to give it some antibiotics and get it back in the water. She said it smelled as if some kind of infection may be setting in…….

…….But not two hours later, a call heard on a police scanner indicated the critter was back on land. This time, it was farther from shore, crawling up California Street. By 1 p.m., it was resting in the gutter, leaning against the curb. Every once in awhile, it would groan, yawn and lift its head, looking around with round, black-as-oil eyes and then go back to sleep.

Several onlookers, employees from local businesses, boaters and taxi drivers paused to inquire how it was doing. A handful of people stayed by the seal, waiting for marine biologists, state police or some kind of wildlife rescuers to arrive to ensure the seal was OK and to make sure it stayed out of traffic.

A call to the Oregon Marine Mammal Stranding Network at 1:37 p.m. was canceled at 1:39 p.m., “because an Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife marine biologist was on the way to check on the seal.â€Â But ODFW offices in Charleston reported there is no marine mammal biologist on staff locally, and oftentimes mammal strandings calls are referred to the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology. (Note: Original article contains fouled up punctuation.)

Obviously, riotous nightlife is taking its toll on the underage seal population. Stronger diversion programs are needed at once! Just say no to gutter seals!

UPDATE: K T Cat to the rescue: Midnight Bowling For Seals! Keep 'em out of the gutters with gutter-balls!

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  1. K T Cat says:

    Here’s your reply. Midnight basketball (bowling) for seals.

  2. mockinbird says:

    Ya know, that happens here in Florida with an alligator; just come up and start hangin’out, actin’
    like he (or she) belongs. We just send ’em to rehab.


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