The Smear Campaigns – Redux

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Noel Sheppard has a post up over at Newsbusters that looks – hard – at the connections between the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Soros-funded Media Matters group. That organization has been leading smear campaigns against conservatives for quite some time. It is getting worse and there may well be method to it all.

Last week, two of the leading conservatives in the media, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly, were dishonestly and unprofessionally attacked by press outlets that cherry-picked out of context remarks from lengthy radio broadcasts in order to vilify outspoken personalities whose opinions they don’t agree with.

Unfortunately, as folks around the country saw this play out on their television sets and newspapers, few were at all familiar with the organization behind the smear campaigns, or that this same group started the firestorm which ended with radio host Don Imus being terminated by NBC and CBS in April.

Maybe more importantly, even fewer citizens are aware that this organization is linked directly to Bill and Hillary Clinton, as well as billionaire leftist George Soros.

The information is very troubling. There are direct connections between Media Matters staff and management and the Clintons. The Media Matters organization is organized as a 501(c) enterprise under the IRS rules. That requires that they be non-partisan. They could be in real trouble. Some bloggers have started a campaign to get the IRS to look at what they are doing. Because it sure looks partisan. And pro-Clinton to boot. Go read what others have to say (via Memeorandum):, Power Line, Doug Ross,, Macsmind, The Radio Equalizer, The Sundries Shack, Gateway Pundit,

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