A Lesson In Dumb

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I do not even begin to know where to start on this issue. James Dobson explains, quite clearly, why he is very, very dumb. Watch the video.

Apparently, it is better to commit political suicide than to, you know, actually accomplish anything. Dobson's zeal to protect the unborn will lead him to abandon the actual born – and any real chance to protect the unborn in the long run. What chance do the unborn stand if the courts are packed against them?

Dobson would abandon the courts and will argue that the backlash will sweep his favorites to power later on. I'd submit that his viewpoint is arrogant and counterproductive. Because losing the courts for a generation would be a disaster. The only power Dobson has is to destroy – not to create. He would destroy a viable challenge to the coronation of a Democrat for the sake of his own ego. And sacrifice the courts to extend his importance.

(Yeah, this will be a popular post, too. Not.)

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11 Responses to A Lesson In Dumb

  1. will argue that the backlash will sweep his favorites to power later on.

    This is the same line of reasoning Bill Quick and others put out as a reason _not_ to vote in the 2006 elections. It will punish the Republicans.

    It was dumb then and it’s dumber now. That’s the problem with putting Pastors in charge of large organizations…they forget whom is really God.

  2. syn says:

    There’s a reason why Reagan asked for this groups acceptance rather than the other way around.

    I’m not defending Dobson’s ideals however, heard Tony Blankley on David Miller yesterday say that this is the group which gets up on Saturday morning to knock on doors, make calls, stuff envelopes and all the necessary dirty work that the country club fiscal conservative right of center won’t do.

    If the latter gorup is willing to throw out the campaign workers will they be willing to give up their own vacation time in order to win the election?

    As for ego, from my perspective over the last six years it is the country club, fiscal conservative, center right that simply show up to the party only to complain about the workers.

  3. FedUp says:

    I am an Evangelical Christian and strongly disagree with Dr. Dobson. I will vote and it will be for a non-democrat! We will not find the perfect person to suit all the qualities to ‘reign’ on earth, so we need to focus on someone who will be the next best person to protect the rights of our sovereign nation!

  4. syn says:

    I just hope that there are enough liberal hawks who will get out the vote for the Republican candidate to make up for the loss of the pro-life movement who did the work of getting out the vote for the Republicans.

    Mr. Blankley also stated something to the effect that many pro-lifers are in the Republican Party specifically for the abortion issue. Apparently, many Christians are isolationists, Greenies, or big government spenders yet joined Republicans because Reagan asked them to join.

  5. syn says:

    One last point, when it comes to uncontrolled borders and illegal immigration will the center-right religious/non-religious groups be just as hard on Rudy as they were on Republican voters calling for secured borders and legal immigration?

  6. Peejz says:

    Well said Gaius!

    Syn, I am a member of that: country club fiscal conservative right of center, and I can assure you that we do stuff the envelopes, go door to door, hold rallies in our homes, make calls, deliver yard signs and raise money. We leave the labels at the door and do what is best for the party and the country.

  7. Patrick says:

    I think Mr. Dobson would best serve his interest by simply not voting. I agree with those who think it would be more detrimental to his cause with Hillary getting into office.
    So then, why shoot yourself in the foot when you’re trying to win a marathon? Makes no sense.

  8. feeblemind says:

    I don’t see any conservative judges coming to SCOTUS if a republican president is saddled with a dem senate. Shoot, Bush had to replace Gonzales with an AG off a dem approved list and they have quit confirming judges altogether. A Conservative nominee from the putative next republican administration won’t even get a vote in the Senate. Nominee will be DOA.

  9. markg8 says:

    Seeing as Bush and Cheney are working to make sure Iraq is an even worse catastrophe in January 09 than it is now maybe Dobson’s just going along with the plan. Write off 08, leave a huge mess, spend 4 years blaming Dems for “losing” the war as the easy money dries up and we fall into another recession and then hope to rebound in 12.

  10. Uncle Pinky says:

    If you give a person, even (or especially) a pastor, a platform they have a tendency to turn into an inexperienced politician. We’ve seen it happen so many times before. They will say stupid and damaging things in order to get more air-time to feed their egos. Dobson’s choice is this area is tantamount to Hobson’s horse being Hillary.

  11. Bleepless says:

    This is the old “The worse, the better” policy favored by all sorts of loonies. Even that power-hungry maniac Lenin was able to see through it.

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