Global Warming Causes Stupid Politicians

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Harry Reid has succeeded in making an even bigger ass out of himself than usual. First, he tried to blame the wildfires in southern California on global warming – then, when a reporter called him on it, he denied saying it. In the same press conference only a few minutes after announcing it.

After a closed door policy meeting with other Senate Democrats, Majority Leader and utter buffoon Harry Reid of Nevada took to the microphones just outside the floor of the United States Senate, and fielded questions. 

In response to a question on the energy bill, Reid said the following:

As you know, one reason that we have the fires burning in Southern California is global warming. One reason the Colorado Basin is going dry is because of global warming.

Six questions later, a reporter followed up on Reid's amazing statement.

Question: Senator, on the California fires, you said that the reason the fires are burning in California is global warming?

Reid: No. Here's what I – I didn't say the reason the fires were burning in Southern California was global warming…

First, Reid is an idiot because tried to use global warming as a prop in a current news story in order to advance his energy bill agenda.  When called on it, he denied he said it.  It's on tape.  You can listen to it here.

As Duane Patterson points out, San Diego is – and always has been – a desert. Remember, people move there because it is always so nice and sunny. If it's always nice and sunny it isn't raining. And it does not rain to speak of in San Diego. The average annual precipitation is less than 12 inches – and there is virtually none – ever – in the summer. San Diego has also seen explosive growth with more and more houses built in areas where the fires used to rage and just burn brush. The Santa Ana winds blow every single year and there are always fires.

Snooper at Take Our Country Back asks:

So now that Reid has publicly raised the global warming specter…that is, before he lowered it again in classic John Kerry fashion, it makes you wonder what's worse for Harry Reid's environment? Letting the fires burn, or polluting the ozone with all the hydrocarbons that come out of the exhaust of the DC-10's and helicopters that are frantically dropping water and fire retardant on the hot spots? Should Reid be calling for the removal of the firefighting from the air in order to minimize the footprint the fires are already putting in the air and remain consistent with his radical environmentalism?

It's official: global warming hysteria causes politicians like Harry Reid to go into negative numbers on their IQs.

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5 Responses to Global Warming Causes Stupid Politicians

  1. dianainsa says:

    The man is certifiable, but still dangerous. Tomorrow he is going to try and sneak in a vote for cloture on the #!!*#!** Dream Act. If this happens, there will be NO debate on this turkey and we will have been screwed. Call your Senators in the morning, or better still, email them tonight.

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  3. FedUp says:

    Harry is seriously mentally challenged and has no business driving the Senate bus! Anyone who cannot understand that the American people do NOT want the Dream Act and have shut it down twice needs to rethink his priorities… oh, wait… he already has and they as HIS! He needs to be put away where he can’t hurt himself… AND US!

  4. mockinbrd says:

    The man is incompetent. He should resign from the Senate and take Amtrak back home.
    He could hit a casino now and then (martinis are free!), teach a class on guv’mint at the community college and take the kids to Rattler Roundup in southern Nevada.

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