What’s Wrong With George Washington University?

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After a scandal earlier this month where a "progressive" student group posted anti-Muslim fliers around campus in an attempt to damage a conservative group you'd think people would tone things down. Not so. Campus authorities are now investigating the appearance of swastikas drawn in various places around the campus, included repeated incident targeting one Jewish student's dorm room.

George Washington University police are trying to determine who is responsible for drawing swastikas on two dormitory doors and at an outdoor site near its hospital during the past week, a university spokeswoman said yesterday.

Four swastikas were drawn on the dorm door dry-erase board of a Jewish freshman over several days; the most recent, and largest, was discovered Sunday morning, said spokeswoman Michelle Sherrard. Another swastika was discovered yesterday on the dry-erase board of a student in a different dorm.

GWU President Steven Knapp denounced the incidents, saying the placement of the swastikas "raises the possibility that this is an expression of hatred toward Jewish students."

University police investigating the incidents yesterday also discovered a few swastikas near George Washington University Hospital. Officials said the swastikas near the hospital were different from those found on campus, but they are continuing to investigate. The swastikas near the hospital were accompanied by political graffiti.

Catch them and expel them. Or will whoever did it claim it was "satirical" as the first group did (and apparently escape punishment)?

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