British Council Asks 91-Year Old Male Veteran If He Is A Lesbian

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The Daily Mail is just chock full of bureaucratic madness today. First it was the Brave New Briton a British think tank proposed now comes this item. A local council in Briton is quizzing elderly male veterans of the Second World War if they happen to be lesbians. No, really, they are.

It wasn't exactly the sort of question Bill Burrow was expecting as he read through the garden waste survey from his local council – Are you a lesbian?

The leaflet asked the 91-year old Second World War veteran to "identify your sexual orientation" and gave him four boxes to tick: Heterosexual, lesbian, gay man or bisexual.

The widower was so bemused by the question in a simple survey about recycling garden rubbish that he passed it on to his son Richard to make sure that he had not misread it.

The form was sent to hundreds of residents across Leeds by the city council, which has defended the question.

But great-grandfather Mr Burrow yesterday criticised council officers, and won support from a former lord mayor of the city.

Mr Burrow, who was married to his wife Joan for 67 years, said: "My son was laughing his hat off. He said, 'Look dad, they think you're copulating in your dustbin'."

"I didn't know what to put for sexual orientation. So Richard wrote that long word that begins with an H – heterosexual, I think."

The council is defending their gross invasion of privacy saying they only want demographic data. Er, sure. We here at Blue Crab Boulevard, as a service to our British readers, have produced a new survey that can be filled out and sent back. They'll be confused for months if you fill it out correctly. That will keep them from thinking up new ways to waste time and money!

We strongly encourage making up your own surveys to mail back in, too.

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  1. syn says:

    I’m fascinated with the identity grouping of ‘gay man’ and ‘lesbian’, it’s as if the sub-sect lesbian is not gay or that gay is identified as male.

    Which sub-sect then do ‘gay rights’ apply?

    Quite frankly I’m sick of all things identity.

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