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Parsing The Polls

Untitled document Mark Tapscott looks at the latest poll results from the Washington Post and finds them a bit questionable. Reading today's edition of The Washington Post, it might appear to casual readers that the American people are depressed, fed … Continue reading

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Italy, Romanians And Xenophobia

Untitled document Yesterday I posted about a crackdown in Italy aimed at ejecting Romanians with criminal backgrounds. I pointed out: Italy has long allowed foreign workers and has toed the European line on tolerance and political correctness. But they are … Continue reading

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Bobby’s Corner: Clearing The Air

Untitled document Hey everyone! It's me again, your favorite socialist icon and all-around great guy, Bobby Mugabe. Yeah, I know it's been a while, but engineering a socialist revolution is time consuming work. I just thought I'd write another of … Continue reading

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Gordon Brown To Push Ahead With Nuke Plans

Untitled document British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is pushing ahead with plans that lay the groundwork for new nuclear power plants in Briton, despite the Luddite opposition. (The role of Ned Ludd will be played by Greenpeace.) Gordon Brown appears … Continue reading

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More Squirrel Arson

Untitled document Sure, everyone paid attention when the flaming Kamikaze squirrel torched a Toyota. But they called it a freak accident and laughed about it. There's something appealingly appalling about cometary squirrels that briefly got people's attention. But the fact … Continue reading

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Deer Underground

Untitled document Wheaton, Maryland got an unpleasant surprise today. A deer showed up on their local metro railway system tracks. What's the big deal, you say? Well, the tracks in question are underground. WHEATON, Md. — A deer that wandered onto Metro's … Continue reading

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Bipartisan Porkery

Untitled document Led by the irredeemably corrupt Democrat John Murtha of Pennsylvania, the defense spending bill now pending before Congress is stuffed with more pork than a rib festival. The old unindicted ABSCAM co-conspirator leads the list of earmark spending, but many … Continue reading

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US Navy Frees Two More Ships From Pirates

Untitled document The US Navy has freed two more ships from pirates off the Somali coast today. Negotiations are underway to free three more ships. NAIROBI, Kenya – Somali pirates left two boats they had hijacked in the waters off … Continue reading

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Global Frauding

Untitled document Christopher Booker and Richard North, writing in the Sunday Telegraph, detail the incredible levels of fraud and deceit behind the global warming scare. The article is a preview of their new book, Scared to Death: From BSE To … Continue reading

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The Island Paradise

Untitled document Jeff Jacoby writes a powerful column today about Doctor Oscar Elias Biscet, a Cuban physician who is imprisoned in Cuba for daring to speak against the Castro regime. Doctor Biscet will be honored, in absentia, with the highest … Continue reading

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About That High Fence

Untitled document "I can be persuaded to have sympathy for people. I can't have sympathy for anyone who breaks the law." Those are the words of John D. Jenkins, a Democrat, who sits on the Board of Supervisors for Prince … Continue reading

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