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Oh My Goodness! A Model Rejects Dollars!

Untitled document This is one of those stories that are all too common these days. The BBC headline screams: Supermodel 'rejects dollar pay'. The story hyperventilates about how supermodel Gisele Bündchen is refusing to be paid in US dollars because of … Continue reading

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American Victim Idol

Untitled document On October 30th I asked what was wrong with George Washington University. That was in response to a report that swastikas had been drawn around campus – particularly in front of the dormitory doors of Jewish students. Recall … Continue reading

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Laughing At The Law

Untitled document The Times of London has a rather amusing little article up that will make you laugh. It is about some utterly bizarre court cases that have popped up all over the world. Professor Gary Slapper has been writing … Continue reading

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The Instincts Of The Authoritarian Left

Untitled document Ruth Dudley Edwards writes an empassioned plea for her fellow British citizens to wake up from their sleepwalking. They are, Edwards writes, heading into an Orwellian authoritarian dystopia with hardly a single voice raised in protest. Four year … Continue reading

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Moonbats Over The Peacock

Untitled document Rosie O’Donnell in Talks to Join MSNBC Rosie O’Donnell, who abruptly left “The View” on ABC last spring after drawing attention and ratings for her opinions on everything from the Iraq war to her co-hosts, is in serious … Continue reading

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The Big Democrat Mystery

Untitled document Mickey Kaus notes the same EJ Dionne article that I did and asks a question: Where is the Democratic split over illegal immigration? What's changed? Well, President Bush–the main politician doing the GOP-splitting–is leaving the scene. The Republican … Continue reading

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Stupid Publicity Stunt Of The Day

Untitled document A shopping mall in Britain has managed to set up a publicity stunt by claiming to be cracking down on fat, jolly old elves for Christmas. Santa is being told to shift the pounds before Christmas – because … Continue reading

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Hey! Some Great News About The Writer’s Strike!

Untitled document The lack of writers now that they are out on strike has caused a number of talk shows to go into reruns. But there is an up side to it! Without writers, Steven Colbert has has to drop … Continue reading

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Frustrating Times

Untitled document The Wall Street Journal points out that Democrats are feeling frustrated – and that voters are becoming frustrated with them. WASHINGTON — The way in which Senate Democrats wavered and then consented to the confirmation of Michael B. … Continue reading

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Replacing BDS With RDS

Untitled document Philip Klein notes the rapidly increasing level of hate being directed at Rudy Giuliani by the American Left. It shows all of the signs of a new variant of Bush Derangement Syndrome. Call it Rudy Derangement Syndrome or … Continue reading

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Al Qaeda Recruiting 15-Year Old Brits: MI5

Untitled document The head of Britain's MI5, Jonathan Evans, reports that al Qaeda is recruiting teenagers to carry out terror attacks in that country. It is a pretty stark warning. “As I speak, terrorists are methodically and intentionally targeting young people … Continue reading

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The Center Of Our Discontent

Untitled document Over at Real Clear Politics, Michael Barone points out what should be obvious to politicians by now: immigration reform is a central issue defining voter discontent with the direction the country is moving in. Barone didn't say that, … Continue reading

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