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Mea Culpa

Untitled document Project Valour-IT is holding its annual fundraiser. I have been remiss and have not put the donation button up or blogged about this. I won't offer an excuse. I will, however, ask you to help support wounded American … Continue reading

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The Uncanny Ability

Untitled document Massimo Calabresi, writing in Time Magazine, has some astonishing maneuvering by Democrats that is going on right now. setting themselves up for even more humiliation on a national security debacle. Calabresi phrases it thusly: " The Democrats, however, have an uncanny ability to … Continue reading

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In The Valley Of Who Cares

Untitled document A twofer from Jonah Goldberg today. In USA Today, Goldberg looks at the deluge of anti-war (and often anti-American) films that Hollywood is spewing this year. One after another, the studios pump their agenda films out. One by … Continue reading

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Bringing A Knife To An Antler Fight

Untitled document An Arkansas man managed to fight off an overly aggressive buck using only a hunting knife. Greg Vincent thought he was telling a joke when he told his son he'd use the knife to defend them – then … Continue reading

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More Proof That Drugs Make You Stupid

Untitled document So a guy walks into a police station in Connecticut, smoking a cigar. He was told that there was no smoking in the station, so he stubbed the cigar out. But when officers sniffed around a little bit, they realized … Continue reading

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Kucinich’s Articles Of Impeachment Sent To Judiciary Committee

Untitled document Believe it or not, the House Republican leadership ordered members to vote to send Dennis Kucinich's articles of impeachment against Dick Cheney to the House Judiciary Committee. Update at 4:30 p.m. ET: Perhaps we should pause to explain. … Continue reading

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Fake But Inaccurate

Untitled document Jonah Goldberg notices that the lines between fake news and real news are rapidly being erased. In an effort to try to pry younger viewers away from shows like The Colbert Report, television news is increasingly losing track … Continue reading

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Hoyer Sinks Kucinich

Untitled document UPDATED Again: The Republican Leadership ordered members to vote to send the articles to committee. IMPORTANT UPDATE: Hold everything. Hoyer's motion to table has been voted down by a 251-162 margin – and it looks like at least 149 Republicans voted … Continue reading

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The 77% Problem

Untitled document Rasmussen Reports has conducted a poll asking Americans what they thought of giving driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. The result, a super majority of 77% of Americans are against it outright. Only a paltry 16% favor it. Seventy-seven … Continue reading

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Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Mukasey, 11-8

Untitled document Judge Michael Mukasey has been approved by the Judiciary Committee, paving the way for his confirmation by the full Senate. The 11-8 vote came only after two key Democrats accepted his assurance to enforce any law Congress might … Continue reading

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When Cows Fall

Untitled document A Michigan couple were very very, very lucky on Sunday. While driving along in their minivan minding their own business, the quiet of the morning was shattered – as was their vehicle – when a 600 pound cow … Continue reading

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The Bacon Offensive

Untitled document Wild boars in eastern China have been raiding colleges, hospitals and other urban habitats in search of food. The badly behaved bacon went so far as to eat all the leftovers in a college kitchen and have been … Continue reading

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The Role Of Beautiful Waterfalls

Untitled document Anne Applebaum has a column up over at Slate that reflects on the role of useful idiots in the world. She starts out with the Russian revolution then moves on to the country that is acting as the … Continue reading

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When The Circus Comes To Town

Untitled document The clowns are out in force. Today is the day that Dennis Kucinich – D(ingbat) Ohio, will introduce his "privileged resolution" to impeach Dick Cheney. Michelle Malkin has the wording of the resolution up over at her site, … Continue reading

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The New Dukakis?

Untitled document James Pinkerton, writing at Newsday, points out the almost eerie similarities between what happened to Michael Dukakis in 1988 and what just happened to Hillary Clinton. In both cases, it was a fellow Democrat who opened the vein … Continue reading

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