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Thanks And Praise

Untitled document (Photograph Michael Yon, used by permission) A Muslim man had invited the American soldiers from “Chosen” Company 2-12 Cavalry to the church, where I videotaped as Muslims and Christians worked and rejoiced at the reopening of St John’s, … Continue reading

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Some Praise For….Chuck Schumer?

Untitled document Michael Goodwin praises Chuck Schumer today for daring to buck the far left wing of his party. In voting for Michael Mukasey, Schumer is now enduring the adoration of the nutroots. Which is lot like being savaged by badgers … Continue reading

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Fraud Alert Update

Untitled document Thanks to Quilly Mammoth in the comments to the original post, I now have a website for the presumed fraudster – or someone has framed him perfectly. His address info: Location: Machynlleth, Powys, United Kingdom Which is identical … Continue reading

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The Two Faces Of John Murtha

Untitled document Jonathan Gurwitz, writing in the San Antonio Express News, points out that certain supposedly anti-Iraq war Congressmen can't afford to let the Iraq war end. *cough* John Murtha *cough*. You know the situation in Iraq has improved when … Continue reading

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Another Post From My Son

Untitled document (Ed. Note: My son sent me this commentary on an article he read in USA Today. It gives a soldier's eye view of the article. Regular readers know he is in the Army Reserve and has completed two tours … Continue reading

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Fraud Alert

Untitled document I just got an email that urged me to denounce "scandalous treatment" of some climate change dissenters. Dear Gaius,   I admire your site – thank you for everything you do.   I would like to draw your … Continue reading

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Democratic Shakedown

Untitled document The Washington Post has a rather astonishing article, one I would not have suspected that they would run. It details a split in the Democratic party over tax policy. The leadership pledged to do something about the Alternative … Continue reading

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Discovery Over America

Untitled document Space shuttle Discovery is scheduled to land today and will be flying directly across the center of the country on its way to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. If the shuttle makes its first possible window, the … Continue reading

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Not-So-Great Moments In Engineering History

Untitled document On November 7, 1940 The Tacoma Narrows Bridge, nicknamed Galloping Gertie by locals, galloped for the very last time. It is one of the best documented engineering disasters in history, since cameras recorded the entire, spectacular end of … Continue reading

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Compound Fracture

Untitled document Mickey Kaus notes that Hillary Clinton is still flailing over her support for Eliot Spitzer's Licenses for Lawbreakers® scheme a full week after her misstep in the debate. This presents two equally unflattering possible reasons why: It's the … Continue reading

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The Radioactive Rising Star

Untitled document The New York Observer notes the stunning speed with which Eliot Spitzer went from rising star to politically radioactive. The article catalogs a long list of political missteps that spell out how Spitzer managed to squander huge approval ratings. He is … Continue reading

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The War Weak On Terror

Untitled document Alan Dershowitz has an op-ed in today's Opinion Journal that spells out the trap Democrats are setting for themselves. At the behest of their far left fringe, they are ardently opposing things in such a way as to make … Continue reading

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