Thanks And Praise

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(Photograph Michael Yon, used by permission)

A Muslim man had invited the American soldiers from “Chosen” Company 2-12 Cavalry to the church, where I videotaped as Muslims and Christians worked and rejoiced at the reopening of St John’s, an occasion all viewed as a sign of hope.

I have no words. Others do:

The Anchoress: What I see in this picture is something more than a historic moment – I don’t even know if that’s what we should call it – I see the sort of thing people do when they are neighbors……

Michelle Malkin: Thanks to the lens of Michael Yon, we can see a fuller, truer picture of Iraq than the “grim milestone”-driven legacy media lens allows us to see.

Belmont Club: All just wars are about the restoration of peace. But it's important to remember that the flag raising on Suribachi occurred on the fourth day of a campaign that would last a month longer.

Transterrestrial Musings: If things continue to go well, this photo should win a Pulitzer.

Wizbang: Michael Yon has done it again. He snapped this photo of Muslims and Christians placing a cross on the top of a church that is so moving that the only way you can't see the importance of it is if you have a heart of stone….

Wake Up America: We are still there for a reason, and this is a clear example of what that reason is. Rebuilding.

Confederate Yankee: The symbolism of an ending sectarian conflict…

Urban Grounds: This photo deserves and needs to be as widely published and seen as possible.

Powerline: It's way too early to be triumphant about what is happening in Iraq, but it's not too early to be hopeful……

Bits Blog: Peace is not an absence of war; Peace is a product of winning the war.

Babalu Blog: The Hypocritical Silence of the MSM

Jules Crittenden: Unlike the Saddam shot, an image of tearing down the old evil, Yon’s captured the Iraqis putting something up, restoring something good, themselves.

Sundries Shack: But this picture, perhaps more than any others I have seen, illustrates the simple decency of neighbor and community that we have prayed would soon come to Iraq.

Classical Values: With a message like that it is a wonder our main stream media hasn't picked up the photo.

Tigerhawk: If it had been taken by a wire service photographer it would be on the cover of newspapers all over the country.

No, I do have a few words. Michael Yon has made this picture available – for free – to the media. I emailed for permission to post it and had two versions of it emailed back in less than an hour. If the national media does not run this picture, they are fools or worse.

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6 Responses to Thanks And Praise

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  2. Steev says:

    Send it to Drudge. That will get mainstream media’s attn.

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  4. crosspatch says:

    When people ask me if I think Iraq was worth it. I tell them not to ask me, I tell them to ask an Iraqi.

  5. Bill Franklin says:

    What a wonderful thing to see a Christian church open its doors. Just so we’re clear though – was this church closed under Saddam’s rule?

    There were 60 active Christian parishes across Iraq before we went in and “liberated” the people. Those 60 parishes rapidly dwindled down to SIX the last time I checked. So, while this church reopening is indeed a wonderful thing, I think Yon is being a little disengenous by saying “for the first time in memory freedom rang.” First time since the invasion?

    I wouldn’t pat yourself too much on the back, given how our invasion decimated the Christian religion in Iraq.

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