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The Big Lie Jackass

Untitled document Mark Finkelstein at Newsbusters with a little food for thought: Let's review the liberal moral compass: Waterboarding a terrorist: an affront to our fundamental values. Subjecting an unborn child to partial-birth abortion: we celebrate a woman's right to … Continue reading

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Joe Lieberman And What’s Wrong With The Democrats

Untitled document Before the 2000 election, I don't believe I had ever heard of Joe Lieberman. During that Presidential campaign, I can't say I was really impressed with him. In the long period after Al Gore withdrew his concession and … Continue reading

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Well, Well, Well

Untitled document Thanks to alert reader Cedric, we now have a confession form David Thorpe that he was , indeed, the person who intentionally put up the fraudulent GEOCLIMATICSTUDIES.INFO website, that he did so with the intent of trying to … Continue reading

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Wonder Why Camp Hillary Is Almost Frantic?

Untitled document I pointed out earlier today that Hillary Clinton's campaign appeared to overreact to the waitress tipping story. I have also pointed out that the handling of the debate flap was not well done at all. Well, this may … Continue reading

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Who Needs Flaming Lips…..

Untitled document ….When you have blazing bison heads? Police say they arrested Ryann Jean Stafford, 26, of Meridian, Thursday on a charge of third-degree arson, a felony. Investigators say Stafford and her former spouse got into an argument at his … Continue reading

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Reacting With Dismay

Untitled document The Associated Press is reporting that rank and file Democrats are expressing their dismay over the Democratic leadership's latest attempt to force a withdrawal from Iraq. That, I suspect, spells trouble for Pelosi. The reason why they are … Continue reading

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The Last Supper DJ?

Untitled document We've had a couple of items about the Last Supper, the iconic Leonardo Da Vinci painting, in the past few months. First it was the researcher who claimed that superimposing a reversed image on top of the original … Continue reading

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The Night Of Broken Glass

Untitled document At 9:30 A.M. the bell at the main gate rang persistently. I opened the door: about 50 men stormed into the house, many of them with their coat- or jacket-collars turned up. At first they rushed into the … Continue reading

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It’s A (Small) Man’s World

Untitled document Or it sure is when you're the tallest man in the United States. Deputy George Bell, from Virginia, is 7 feet, 8 inches tall. The folks at the Guinness Book of World Records will duly note that fact … Continue reading

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2007 Weblog Awards Announced

Untitled document The winners of the 2007 Weblog Awards have been announced. Congratulations to all the winners. A special shout out to Best New Blog Jammie Wearing Fool. Tweet

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Project Valour-IT Needs Your Help

Untitled document Project Valour-IT provides voice-activated laptop computers to wounded or disabled troops. It is a non-profit, volunteer effort – and they need your help. There is a donation button on the sidebar, right at the very top. This site … Continue reading

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The Vegetables Will Have The Beef

Untitled document Peggy Noonan opens her column this week with an almost certainly apocryphal story about Margaret Thatcher: The story as I was told it is that in the early years of her prime ministership, Margaret Thatcher held a meeting … Continue reading

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Tippity Tappity Tip

Untitled document I thought this was another one of those silly gotcha stories that become more and more frequent as the campaign season progresses. But I'm beginning to wonder. Yesterday NPR ran a story that mentioned that Hillary Clinton's campaign … Continue reading

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Rove Evaluates Congressional Democrats

Untitled document In an op-ed in the Opinion Journal that will surely bring howls of outrage, Karl Rove systematically evaluates the accomplishments of the Democratic leadership in Congress. Well, actually 'accomplishments' in this context is not exactly a compliment. Democrats promised … Continue reading

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Britain Gets Lucky

Untitled document The flooding that authorities had been warning about in Eastern Britain did not materialize. Although the tidal surge was very close to the feared maximum of three meters, the coastal flood defenses held in most areas. Only some … Continue reading

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