Wonder Why Camp Hillary Is Almost Frantic?

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I pointed out earlier today that Hillary Clinton's campaign appeared to overreact to the waitress tipping story. I have also pointed out that the handling of the debate flap was not well done at all. Well, this may be why the campaign appears to be panicking – or the near panic may be causing this. It is sort of a chicken-egg type scenario….

Two new reputable polls of New Hampshire Democratic Primary voters will show statistically significant drops in support for frontrtunner Hillary Clinton, Democrats who have seen those polls said today.

The polls will be released this weekend and are embargoed; though I'm not privy to the embargo agreement, I'll be a little vague out of respect for the polling organizations.

One of the polls shows that the gap between Clinton and Barack Obama narrowed by more than 10 points. Her biggest decline was seen among older voters.

The other poll shows a 9 point drop. These are significant shifts and cause for real concern. Something isn't working right for team Hillary.

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4 Responses to Wonder Why Camp Hillary Is Almost Frantic?

  1. NortonPete says:

    When a fickle candidate attracts a fickle following, there will be fickle poll results.

  2. K T Cat says:

    Man, is she fragile or what?

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  4. mockinbird says:

    The woman is a crook. She has set a pattern of this sort of activity for a long, long time.
    When discovered, it’s “old news”, or it’s one time only,etc. I’m sick of this crap.
    The Clinton’s are not “our best and brightist”, but just are resourceful sociopaths.
    I’m sick of the way the MSM coddles these pro government criminals, while I’m out here busting my butt in the private sector.

    I’m going to use the “S” word here:Yes, I want Florida to SECEDE from the Union…AGAIN!

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