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The New Luddites

Untitled document The Luddites were a social movement of British textile artisans in the early nineteenth century who protested — often by destroying sewing machines — against the changes produced by the Industrial Revolution, which they felt threatened their livelihood. … Continue reading

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Not Good, Not Good At All

Untitled document A Chinese attack submarine surfaced within torpedo range of the USS Kitty Hawk without having been detected by the American screening vessels. When the U.S. Navy deploys a battle fleet on exercises, it takes the security of its … Continue reading

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Surrender Pancakes

Untitled document Funny, funny post from Charlie Foxtrot. I'll send you over there to read it. Let's just say pancakes and Melodramatic Maple syrup feature prominently. Tweet

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King Juan Carlos Of Spain Tells (T)Hugo Chavez To Shut Up

Untitled document This is one of those stories that just make you grin. King Juan Carlos of Spain literally told the red-shirted dictator-to-be of Venezuela to 'shut up' at a conference in Santiago, Chile. Chavez, who called President Bush the … Continue reading

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Whoops, She Did It Again!

Untitled document Another day, another sockpuppet! Hillary Clinton's campaign has been accused of trying to plant yet another question for an audience member to ask her. And they appear to be trying to lie about it as well. In a … Continue reading

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No Gun To School For Oregon Teacher

Untitled document Last month I posted about a court case in Oregon where teacher Shirley Katz was suing the school district that employed her for the right to carry her legally licensed concealed firearm. News is out that she lost in … Continue reading

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Distinguished Service Cross

Untitled document John at Argghhh! posted this item. First Lt. Walter B. Jackson received the Distinguished Service Cross for extraordinary heroism in action at a ceremony on November 2, 2007. The medal is second only to the Congressional Medal of … Continue reading

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Fife Symington: UFOlogist

Untitled document Ex-Arizona governor Fife Symington says he saw a UFO in Phoenix one night in 1997. I witnessed a massive delta-shaped, craft silently navigate over Squaw Peak, a mountain range in Phoenix, Arizona. It was truly breathtaking. I was … Continue reading

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At The Clinton Q&A Session

Untitled document (Apropos this post) UPDATE: Second photo honoring the second charge of sockpuppetry by the Clinton campaign. Life is beautiful. UPDATE: Oh my, there is no love for Hillary on this one. Even the few left-leaning blogs commenting are … Continue reading

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Diamonds, Guns And Dirty Money

Untitled document Chavez's Venezuela: crime central. An article in the Los Angeles Times today details the rapidly increasing criminal activity in Venezuela. It has become a hub for criminal gangs trafficking in just about every criminal activity on the planet. … Continue reading

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The Coming Tax Hikes

Untitled document I have mentioned this before. Charlie Rangel's Mother of all Tax Hikes® is only the tip of the tax iceberg, so to speak. There is another massive tax hike already scheduled. It will hit in 2011 when the … Continue reading

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Clinton Campaign Makes HUGE Mistake

Untitled document I noted yesterday that there are signs that the Clinton campaign is overreacting and fumbling over issues in a very clumsy, almost frantic way. Today comes a revelation that indicates there may be real trouble ahead for the campaign. The … Continue reading

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May The Force Pork Be With You

Untitled document Dana Milbank over at the Washington Post notes the override of the President's water projects veto by Congress. President Bush had vetoed the massively porked-up bill but the legislators were not about to let their earmarks go. The pork … Continue reading

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