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Hate Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry

Untitled document Stuart Taylor, Jr. writes a stinging column in the National Journal denouncing the rot of political correctness that infests most colleges and universities – and not a few high schools in the United States. He starts with the … Continue reading

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Boo Hsu

Untitled document Mr. Hsu now is back in California, in a 7-by-10-foot cell on the medical floor of the Brendan P. McGuire Correctional Facility in Redwood City. His wardrobe consists of orange jumpsuits. From his tiny window, he can see … Continue reading

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Invention Of The Week

Untitled document A Washington Man has obviously seen a market niche and has filled the need for a new product! The pump-action tire iron! The 66-year-old man had been repairing a Lincoln Continental for two weeks at his home northwest … Continue reading

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Error Corrected

Untitled document I posted about the strange case of Willie Hayes, a decorated veteran who was buried with full military honors at Calverton National Cemetery. The odd part is that Willie Hayes had already been buried in Calverton in 2003. … Continue reading

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No True Glory

Untitled document "There will be no true glory for our soldiers in Iraq until they are recognized not as victims, but as aggressive warriors. Stories of their bravery deserve to be recorded and read by the next generation. Unsung, the … Continue reading

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Barack Attack!

Untitled document Jay at Stop the ACLU notes the rapid reaction to Barack Obama's remarks about raising Social Security taxes by the nutroots. One had better walk the thin line drawn by the nutroots or they will turn on you … Continue reading

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The Hard Way

Untitled document No matter what I do or say, Youre much too dumb to educate. One day lifes going to turn around and slap you in the face, Then youre gonna find out the hard way. Youll take the hard … Continue reading

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When Dirty Politics Fail

Untitled document Harry Reid, the most ineffective Senate leader in recent memory, has managed – yet again – to have one of his dishonest ploys fail. Desperate to pass any of the 13 pork-bloated annual spending bills, Reid tried to couple … Continue reading

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“On Kenneth’s Frequency Since 2003”

Untitled document Best completely ersatz news of the campaigns so far this season. It's at Cold Fury. Do not have liquids any where near where you are sitting. You have been warned. UPDATE: Well, if you didn't see this coming, … Continue reading

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Untitled document My friend and fellow blogger from Thailand, Agam, continues to chronicle the uprising in Burma and the brutal suppression of the people by the military junta that controls that nation. He put together a video montage, in chronological … Continue reading

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Crossing America

Untitled document Toby Harndon, the US Editor of of the British Telegraph, is making a road trip across America and blogging about it daily at his Telegraph blog. In his blog post from yesterday, he has an interesting observation. At Oklahoma … Continue reading

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Democratic Election Strategy 2008

Untitled document UPDATE: This story is generating a serious tizzy on the left wing of the blogosphere. WASHINGTON – Democrat Barack Obama said Sunday that if elected he will push to increase the amount of income that is taxed to … Continue reading

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