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For God’s Sake, Don’t Backfire…..

Untitled document The Daily Mail is calling it a stunt that backfired. We'd prefer it didn't, thank you. Tweet

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Attack Of The Robot Guitars

Untitled document Gibson Guitars is releasing a new, robotic guitar that keeps itself in tune all by itself – even after a string change. It will also retune itself into six different preset non-standard tunings at the push of a … Continue reading

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Spitzer Running For Cover

Untitled document New York Governor Eliot Spitzer appears to be running for cover, abandoning his “Licenses for Lawbreakers™” scheme according to an Associated Press report. Apparently, he has seen the light or, as is more likely, the polls. The governor … Continue reading

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Peaceful Iranians

Untitled document After this morning's announcement that Iran's internal peace plan for homosexuals involves hanging them comes another bit of news. Iran has turned over blueprints to the International Atomic Energy Commission. Not just any blueprints either. These are the … Continue reading

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Goin’ To The Candidate’s Debate

Untitled document Apropos this post. Tweet

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Just Not Getting It

Untitled document Earlier today, I posted about a new Rasmussen poll that indicated that American voters were most definitely refusing to buy the “Hillary Clinton as victim” game that her campaign has been trying.  Hillary’s campaign, however, appears unable to … Continue reading

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Bird Flu In Britain

Untitled document British authorities have begun slaughtering turkeys, geese and ducks at a farm in Suffolk after identifying the HN51 strain of bird flu in the flocks. Although officials are keeping all avenues of investigation open, migratory wild waterfowl appear … Continue reading

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Another Veto

Untitled document President Bush today vetoed a domestic spending bill that contained more than 2,000 earmarks. The glistening gobbets of porky wastefulness added nearly $10 billion to the bill. Dana Perino, the White House press secretary, said the measure exceeded … Continue reading

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Pounding On Pork

Untitled document Senate Republicans are starting to get serious about stomping on pork barrel spending, according to The Politico. It is still very much a bi-partisan problem, but more and more often these days, fights are breaking out over some … Continue reading

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Paris Hilton, Activist

Untitled document We really cannot make this stuff up. We try, but we just can't. Paris Hilton on the pressing need to cut off alcohol and stop wild parties. Cut off alcohol to elephants, to be precise. "The elephants get … Continue reading

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Upwardly Mobile America

Untitled document The Opinion Journal looks at a new study by the Treasury Department out today. That study reveals the incredible upward mobility of Americans from 1996 to 2005. (The study itself is here.) The fact is that American incomes, particularly … Continue reading

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Worries, Worries

Untitled document Bloomberg reports that Democrats are becoming worried – about certain elements of their own party. Democrats now worry that their inability to make good on campaign promises to end or slow the war in Iraq will have consequences. … Continue reading

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Trying A Bad Play

Untitled document Hillary Clinton appears to have made yet another mistake in her campaign. A new poll indicates that her attempt at playing the victim card has failed – very badly – with voters. Recall that her campaign issued a … Continue reading

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Iranian Peace Plan

Untitled document Homosexuals deserve to be executed or tortured and possibly both, an Iranian leader told British MPs during a private meeting at a peace conference, The Times has learnt. This is not a really surprise, at least to people … Continue reading

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The Dismal Record

Untitled document A couple of interesting analyses to look at today. First EJ Dionne explains that the Democrats are really feeling the heat, having failed, repeatedly, to accomplish much. WASHINGTON — Democrats in Congress are discovering what it's like to … Continue reading

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