Attack Of The Robot Guitars

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Gibson Guitars is releasing a new, robotic guitar that keeps itself in tune all by itself – even after a string change. It will also retune itself into six different preset non-standard tunings at the push of a button.

Help is at hand from what is described as the world's first robot guitar — an electric guitar that not only keeps itself in tune even after string changes but also allows players to access six non-standard tunings at the push of a button.

After 15 years of research, Gibson Guitar is launching a limited edition Les Paul Robot Guitar next month that has set players abuzz with both enthusiasm and scepticism.

"It will not make you a better guitar player but it will allow the average player to access some very sophisticated tunings," Gibson Guitar Chief Executive Henry Juszkiewicz told Reuters on Tuesday.

The six non-standard preset tunings were used on hits ranging from "Honky Tonk Women" by The Rolling Stones and Hendrix's "Voodoo Child" to Led Zeppelin's "Going to California" and Joni Mitchell's "The Circle Game."

Gibson says the robot guitar is aimed at amateurs who have a hard time keeping their guitars in tune, as well as professionals who now use technicians during concerts to keep about 100 guitars tuned to different keys.

Next up: a guitar that simply plays itself, relieving budding artistes from having to actually learn how to play! No more of that mundane, repetitious 'practice.' No, sirree.

Seriously, I rather suspect that these will prove to be somewhat less than robust in actual use. I'm guessing that in 20 or 30 years (or less) none will still be functional, while my old, run of the mill Les Paul Standard will still be chugging along.

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2 Responses to Attack Of The Robot Guitars

  1. Sylvia says:

    It will probably be tuned to a straight 440, so if you have a really mellow old sax in your group that sounds better at a 435, say, the dissonance is going to be aggravating. No blues tunings either, I bet. If you try to do a long bend, will the guitar immediately try to retune itself and tighten the string as you play? Fascinating idiocy.

  2. Mockinbird says:

    In Twang We Trust.

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