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The Immigration Issue

Untitled document Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, has an opinion piece over at The Politico that should be a must read for Republican party strategists. Brown confirms what I have been saying for some time … Continue reading

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Whichever Way The Wind Blows……

Untitled document (Apropos this post.) Tweet

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The Weak Spot

Untitled document The legend of Achilles is that his mother dipped him as an infant into the River Styx, an act that made him invulnerable. Except that the mother had to hold onto him somewhere, and so his heel was … Continue reading

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Ooh, Ooh, The Damage Done

Untitled document That line from a Neil Young song, The Needle and the Damage Done, even though it is about a completely different subject, is strangely apt in this situation. The Washington Post's campaign blog, The Trail, notes that Eliot … Continue reading

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Lightning Strikes

Untitled document Shifting sands on a beach in Wales revealed a surprise for beachcombers. A nearly intact P-38 Lightning fighter aircraft from the Second World War, buried by the sands after the pilot crash landed it on Sept. 27, 1942. … Continue reading

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A Bridge (Game) Too Far

Untitled document There is a report today about those unnecessary controversies that are popping up frequently these days. A member of a woman’s bridge team, after winning a competition in China, held up a sign that read, “We did not … Continue reading

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Tic Tax

Untitled document Apropos this post. Tweet

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Untitled document The New Frontier Hotel In Las Vegas, 11/13/2007:   Tweet

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Great News On The C-47

Untitled document I posted about an effort to recover an abandoned C-47 cargo airplane from Bosnia over the weekend. A team of volunteers headed by Béatrice Guillaume, who runs a D-Day museum in Merville, Normandy, was attempting to get the … Continue reading

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Test Of Wills In France

Untitled document Labor unions in France have gone on strike in a show of force against President Nicolas Sarkozy's plans to reform pension rules for a small number of public service employees. The strikes so far are against the transportation … Continue reading

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The “Immaterial” Number Grows

Untitled document When news first broke of a massive embezzlement fraud in the Washington, DC tax office, Chief Financial Officer, Natwar M. Gandhi called the $16 million thefts "immaterial." One wonders if Mr. Gandhi would like to adjust his language … Continue reading

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Blinded By The Hate

Untitled document Peter Berkowitz, writing in the Opinion Journal, points out that blind hatred of George Bush is not a good plan for going through life. Berkowitz, a fellow at the Hoover Institute and a professor at George Mason University School … Continue reading

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Jingle Bells, Spitzer Smells…..

Untitled document I can hear a rewritten taunting song parody now. Eliot Spitzer, apparently determined to see his approval ratings hit single digits by Thanksgiving, has found a new, sure-to-be unpopular issue to take up. This one is a sure … Continue reading

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Storm Warning

Untitled document Joe Klein, arguably the angry left's favorite media chew toy despite his antipathy toward the Iraq war, has another column that will endear him even further with the nutroots. He points out the obvious, that things honestly are getting … Continue reading

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