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Untitled document I opened up the AP "Odd News" category at Yahoo News and was more than a bit surprised to see three stories pop up that originated from Iowa. Heck, one a week datelined Iowa is unusual. (Unless it … Continue reading

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Love Is In The Air…….

Untitled document Ah, love is in the air for Rahm Emanuel tonight from the Crooks and Liars gang. Many of you have probably heard that Rahm is backing the extreme right wing Tom Tancredo and his hateful stance on immigration. … Continue reading

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Criminal Madness – Part Two

Untitled document I no sooner posted the previous post when this new item from the The Olympian popped up over at Memeorandum. The Executive Editor of the newspaper, Vickie Kilgore, writes about the situation her reporters found themselves in, in … Continue reading

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Criminal Madness

Untitled document Some anti-war extremists have been protesting the unloading of returning equipment from Iraq at the Port of Olympia in Washington state. The protests have triggered the arrests of quite a few of the protesters. But what is more … Continue reading

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The Headless Goats Of Laguna Beach

Untitled document Okay, it isn't as catchy as "The Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow" from the Washington Irving short story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, but unlike the story, the goats actually exist. Also headless chickens and a pigeon. The … Continue reading

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A Hearty Round Of Applause For J. A. Jance

Untitled document Bestselling mystery novelist J. A. Jance deserves a really big round of applause. When she read about First Lieutenant Walter Bryan Jackson being awarded the Distinguished Service Cross – and the conspicuous absence of major media attention about it … Continue reading

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*Pop* Goes The Left’s Heads!

Untitled document Karl Rove has been hired by Newsweek to "balance" coverage that is to be provided by Markos "Kos" Moulitsas. Both will write several columns throughout the 2008 election cycle. Less than three months after leaving the Bush White … Continue reading

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Spitzer Finds A Loophole

Untitled document Desperate to make something work, Eliot Spitzer copies a "success"….. Tweet

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The Case Of The Counterfeit Crocodile

Untitled document It seems that there are always reports surfacing about some product of other being counterfeited in China. Books, music, DVDs, watches, water, Loch Ness monster – you name it and someone in China counterfeits it. For example, the latest bogus … Continue reading

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Quid Pro Cash

Untitled document ABC News reports that at least three people pardoned by Bill Clinton before leaving office have made political contributions to Hillary Clinton's Presidential campaign. The Clinton campaign reacted sarcastically when the contributions were brought to their attention. Three recipients of … Continue reading

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The Coup In Caracas

Untitled document The Washington Post comes straight out and calls the so-called reforms that (T)Hugo Chavez is imposing on Venezuela by the correct name: it is a coup. They denounce both the coup and the Chavez apologists who excuse or turn … Continue reading

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Almost Too Funny To Post About

Untitled document My sides hurt. Really, they do. The increasingly inept Eliot Spitzer has just reversed himself on his plan to tax internet sales! In ONE day the man wrote the plan into policy and then abandoned it entirely. In a second … Continue reading

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Changing The System

Untitled document Steven Malanga, writing in the Washington Post, points out that there is more than just a problem with illegal immigration – there are also problems with the legal immigration system. Those problems need rectification but it will take a discussion … Continue reading

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Titanic Campaign

Untitled document David Broder will certainly get a load of emails from the usual suspects after they read today's column. Broder has the unmitigated gall to point out the icebergs ahead for the Democrats and Hillary Clinton in the 2008 … Continue reading

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Magical Mystery Tour

Untitled document Daniel Henninger takes readers of his weekly column on a tour of 1968, a watershed year in American political history. 1968 was a year, which, in many ways, many people in this country have never gotten beyond. It is an … Continue reading

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