Love Is In The Air…….

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Ah, love is in the air for Rahm Emanuel tonight from the Crooks and Liars gang.

Many of you have probably heard that Rahm is backing the extreme right wing Tom Tancredo and his hateful stance on immigration. C&Lers have made their voices heard loud and clear on this issue and understand the need for good border security, but with a comprehensive—humane plan in mind. We’re human beings after all.

And so, Rahm, it is your turn to star in tonight's episode. Our condolences.

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2 Responses to Love Is In The Air…….

  1. Best video yet of a Code Pink member.

  2. daveinboca says:

    Rahm’s sanity and realism distress the C&L crowd, who fear the Dems might concoct a sensible policy on illegal immigration—that would isolate the Code Pink Moonbat crowd even further from the 99% of Americans who are resisting the mass psychosis propagated by C&L & the Kossacks/HuffPuffers.

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