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Web Hoax – Suicide Or Homicide

Untitled document I first heard about this when it popped briefly on Memeorandum posted at Death by 1,000 Papercuts. The story will make you sick. A 13 year-old girl, with a learning disability and suffering from depression, committed suicide. The cause? A … Continue reading

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Slanted Stories

Untitled document Callimachus at Done With Mirrors dismantles one of the latest heavily slanted Associated Press stories. The AP claims that desertion rates are "soaring" among American troops. Callimachus points out that a huge percentage increase in a minuscule number is … Continue reading

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Bobby’s Corner: To Heck With That $25,000 Dessert!

Untitled document Hey everyone, Bobby Mugabe here. I know it has been a while since I sent a letter, but it is hard work making a socialist worker's paradise, you know. The details are endless: what color interior matches the … Continue reading

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Call Any Vegetable

Untitled document Call any vegetable Call it by name Call one today When you get off the train Call any vegetable And the chances are good Aw, The vegetable will respond to you (Some people don't go for prunes…I don't … Continue reading

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The Colossus Of Bletchley Park

Untitled document More than 60 years after the last one was dismantled, a Colossus code-breaking computer has whirred back to life and started cracking coded messages. The ultra-secret Colossus Mark II was designed and built by the boffins at Bletchley … Continue reading

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Spitzer Vows To Push Gay Marriage

Untitled document Eliot "Death Spiral" Spitzer has announced that he wants a hard push for gay marriage in New York next year. ALBANY – Gov. Spitzer said at a private fund-raiser that he wants a Democratic-controlled state Senate to legalize … Continue reading

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Kangaroo Koast

Untitled document Police in Brandon, Florida are searching for desperado on the hop. Reports ave come in about a kangaroo bounding about in the Tampa suburb. BRANDON – After searching an area along Bloomingdale Avenue, deputies were not able to … Continue reading

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More Media Coverage

Untitled document Once again, mystery author J.A. Jance deserves credit for putting some pressure on the Seattle Times to cover the story of Lieutenant Walter Bryan Jackson, the soldier who was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross earlier this month. Yesterday, … Continue reading

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Spitzer Tries Another Novel Approach

Untitled document Brian Faughnan over at the Worldwide Standard calls it Eliot Spitzer's death wish. I think he's pretty close to the mark. It seems that Spitzer's tax people have decided to change the rules of residency for tax purposes … Continue reading

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China Pulls Out Of Iran Sanctions Meeting

Untitled document China has withdrawn from a meeting set for next week in London that was to have discussed further sanctions against Iran. The meeting was to have been a response to the latest International Atomic Energy Commission's report that … Continue reading

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Spitzer On A Spit

Untitled document The Opinion Journal believes it has figured out why Eliot Spitzer has fallen so far so fast: his nasty behavior caught up with him. Given Mr. Spitzer's fall in the polls, it's tempting to say New Yorkers have learned … Continue reading

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When Columnists Attack

Untitled document Paul Krugman has launched a completely over-the-top attack on Barack Obama for saying that he would raise Social Security taxes. In fact he called Obama both a "sucker" and a "fool." Lately, Barack Obama has been saying that … Continue reading

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Brain Drain

Untitled document The Telegraph reports a rather stunning statistic about Britain today that indicates that there is something going wrong there. It seems that 400,000 people emigrated from Britain last year – more than at any time in the past 50 years. … Continue reading

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Denial Is Not A River In Egypt….

Untitled document …But it is the state Democrats are living in these days. The mantra, repeated endlessly, is that America has alienated allies everywhere; that only the Democrats can mend those broken ties. Charles Krauthammer begs to differ: Like Nancy … Continue reading

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