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Older Than All Of Them Combined

Untitled document Maybe it just takes someone who came from outside this nation to point some things out. Maybe being born here blinds one to some of the things that we take for granted. Maybe some of the things we … Continue reading

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And In More Police State News Today

Untitled document Parents in Upper Marlboro, Maryland were ordered to appear at a courthouse in Prince George's County to either prove their children had mandatory vaccinations or to have them vaccinated on the spot. Failure to comply with the order … Continue reading

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Stand Still, Laddie!

Untitled document The Boston Police Department has decided that there is no longer any need for trivial things like warrants or probable cause. They will simply begin searching people's homes for guns. They say they'll only do it if people … Continue reading

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More Murderous Monkey Mayhem

Untitled document Well, the monkeys are at it again over in India. This time they are stealing cell phones (we're not making this up), breaking into houses and robbing homeowners of their soft drinks among other things. Woe to the … Continue reading

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“New Vision” Is The Same Old Coup

Untitled document Although this article in the New York Times does present a fairly good overview of the opposition to (T)Hugo Chavez's coup, the tone is generally sympathetic to the soon-to-be-president for life. This isn't really surprising given the fact … Continue reading

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There’s Gold In Them Thar…..Sewage Tanks?

Untitled document This is right up there on the list of jobs I have no intention of ever doing. Panning for gold in septic tanks. A town in southern China is proving that where there's muck, there's gold and silver. … Continue reading

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Air Shark

Untitled document If you thought armor-plated, prehistoric aerial cruise missiles (sometimes called 'sturgeons') were bad news, wait until you see the latest development the Animal Uprising™ has unleashed. Or sent aloft. How about two-ton flying great white sharks? There's photographic evidence. … Continue reading

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Porking Up The Pork

Untitled document Pork with a glistening side of pork, smothered in pork gravy. That pretty well describes the budget bills the Democratic-controlled Congress are rolling out. One after another, the bills, bursting at the seams with pork, are coming out of … Continue reading

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Treasures From Treachery

Untitled document The FBI has started to release some details of the items they seized during a raid on the home of Harriette Walters, the now-jailed former Washington DC tax office employee accused of stealing at least $20 million for … Continue reading

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