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Buckwheat Harvest

Untitled document Well, the media hounds may not have been loosed on this, but locals sure voted. The candidate for office in Louisiana (a democrat) who called a black volunteer for her campaign "Buckwheat" has been defeated. Don Surber points … Continue reading

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Cattle Punching Politician

Untitled document Mayor Bill Boyd of Stoystown, Pennsylvania appears to be a full service politician. Not only does he do the mayoral duties, but he's also willing to round up a herd of cows. Mayor Bill Boyd was first on … Continue reading

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Monkeying Around

Untitled document Florida wildlife officials are informing the public that the reports of an orangutan on the loose in Baker county are untrue. They insist that it cannot be an orange-furred ape. Instead, they believe it is – wait for … Continue reading

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The Lines That Never End

Untitled document A very interesting article in the Washington Post by Mark Winne, the former director of Connecticut's Hartford Food System and a 25-year veteran of food bank programs. In it he explains how he came to recognize something awful about … Continue reading

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Soft Underbelly

Untitled document Mark Helprin writes about the strategic importance of Germany in today's Opinion Journal. For centuries, Germany has been the main crossroad for wars and power in Europe. It still is these days although the nations of Europe are … Continue reading

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Elephant? What Elephant?

Untitled document Michael Goodwin points out what was missing from the last Democrat debate. While Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards and the also-rans were talking one little topic, like the little man on the stair, just wasn't there at all. Call … Continue reading

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