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How worried Is The Clinton Campaign?

Untitled document The Politico is reporting that a new poll shows Barack Obama leading Hillary Clinton in Iowa – within the error of margin of the poll, but leading. Could this be why her campaign may be attempting some dirty tricks? Sen. … Continue reading

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Clinton Channeling Nixon?

Untitled document Fox News reports that Robert Novak is standing by his story, published Saturday. He claimed that the Clinton campaign was letting it be known that they had "scandalous" information about Barack Obama – but was holding it back. Obama … Continue reading

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Certainly Not For The Children

Untitled document The city of Philadelphia has apparently decided that the issue of homosexuality is more important than the welfare of some 64,000 mostly inner-city boys. The city has notified the local Boy Scout council that it will lose the … Continue reading

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US, Russia To Begin Disposal Of Plutonium

Untitled document The United States and Russia have agreed to a plan that will see both countries begin disposing of 34 tons of plutonium – each – within about five years. The plutonium will be converted into Mixed Oxide Fuel … Continue reading

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Who Ya Gonna Call?

Untitled document The original stars of the movie Ghostbusters will reunite to lend their faces and voices to a new video game. In fact, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, who wrote the original screenplay, will also write the script for the … Continue reading

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Political Persecution In Oklahoma

Untitled document The Opinion Journal details a case in Oklahoma that certainly looks like a politically-motivated persecution. Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson, a Democrat, is charging three people who organized a drive to get a taxpayer's bill of rights into the ballot. … Continue reading

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Drive Through Turkeys

Untitled document Well, the Taco Bell chain either has a new mascot or someone was playing a prank. Customers at a Bakersfield, California Taco Bell were surprised to find five of the large, white refugees from a roaster wandering about. … Continue reading

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Another Khmer Rouge Official Arrested

Untitled document Khieu Samphan, the former president of the Khmer Rouge has finally been arrested in Cambodia. His arrest may be the last one made by the tribunal that is finally trying to make these people pay for their crimes … Continue reading

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The Minefield

Untitled document The Wall Street Journal reports that there is growing anxiety among Democrats over immigration issues (like the one in the previous post. Many of the politicians feel that they are in real danger of alienating traditional core constituencies … Continue reading

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A Problem For Democrats

Untitled document The Democratic party may be already starting to hurt itself on immigration issues by this latest example that John Fund writes about today. Both the House and the Senate passed legislation that would shield the Salvation Army specifically and … Continue reading

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