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Bobby’s Corner: Diamonds Are Forever – Or Until I Take Them

Untitled document Hey there, western admirers! It's me, Bobby Mugabe, your favorite socialist icon! Just writing to tell you all about another great scam progressive program I've pulled off. You'll love this one. I managed to get my lapdogs loyal … Continue reading

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The One Half Of One Percent Solution

Untitled document This is, frankly, absurd. Crooks and liars has a self-righteous post up about how "over 33,000 Americans, 90% or more Californians, joined the Courage Campaign call for the California Democratic Party (CDP) to censure Senator Dianne Feinstein". There … Continue reading

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Rear Echelon Springs Into Action

Untitled document There is quite a lot of justifiable outrage over this report. (There is also quite a lot of posturing from some people who frankly only care because it can be used politically.) At least one soldier has been … Continue reading

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British Government Loses Confidential Data

Untitled document The most confidential data on virtually every family in Britain has been lost by the British government. Someone sent two disks with the data of some 25 million Britons through the mail – but they never turned up … Continue reading

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Butchering Badly Behaved Bacon

Untitled document As reported earlier this month, badly behaved bacon has been barging into building in eastern China. Authorities have finally had enough. They have sent in teams of sharpshooters with orders to shoot to kill. The peccant pork will … Continue reading

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Sarkozy Stands Fast

Untitled document French President Nicolas Sarkozy is not backing down from his determination to change some pension rules despite growing strikes in other segments of the country. He says he was elected to bring change and he will not let … Continue reading

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Hanging Santa Out To Dry

Untitled document A holiday arrival of Santa Claus at a Texas shopping mall went more than a bit awry. The jolly old elf was supposed to rappel to a dramatic entrance. However, his beard got tangled in the gear, bringing … Continue reading

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Supreme Court To Rule On DC Gun Ban

Untitled document The Supreme Court of the United States will hear a case appealed by both parties in the case regarding the total ban on handguns Washington, DC. enacted some 31 years ago. The gun ban was overturned by the Court … Continue reading

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“It’s Hell In There”

Untitled document The words of an unidentified amtrac crewman at Tarawa, November 20, 1943. War correspondent Robert Sherrod described the landings on Betio Island and was a passenger for a short time on the amtrac (or amphtrack) before having to … Continue reading

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Another Day Another UN Fraud

Untitled document The United Nations will be issuing new AIDS estimates – they will be revised sharply downward. UNAIDS has long been the target of researchers who have consistently found substantially lower rates of AIDS infection than the UN kept … Continue reading

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Suing Bloomberg

Untitled document A court in South Carolina has allowed a lawsuit against New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to proceed. The owner of a pawnshop in Summerville, South Carolina is suing Bloomberg for slandering him personally in the wake of … Continue reading

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Supporting An Ally

Untitled document Barry R. McCaffrey, a retired general and former US "drug czar" makes a very strong case for supporting the free trade agreement with Colombia, now stalled in Congress. Colombia has made real progress in the past seven years … Continue reading

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Bring Up The Mud Catapults!

Untitled document The Politico reports on the political rapid-response teams that are becoming ever more rapid in their efforts. It does, indeed, seem that these efforts are very, very quick off the mark lately. There are reasons for that: Joe … Continue reading

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