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Turkey Time Again

Untitled document (Updating last year's Thanksgiving post, because I think it is pretty funny and because, well, I can!) The annual pardoning of the White House turkey has occurred. The birds, named May and Flower were given formal presidential pardons, a tradition started … Continue reading

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Follow The Flock

Untitled document Maggie Gallagher, writing at Real Clear Politics, also notices the UNAIDS sudden correction – downward – of worldwide AIDS numbers. She also notices the creepy fealty that is being paid to the UN – despite evidence like this … Continue reading

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Tone Deafness

Untitled document Joe Klein, one of the nutroots all-time favorite media chew toys, continues to try to warn Democrats that they are following the charge to the left at their own electoral peril. (Which is why he is the favorite … Continue reading

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The Tricky Part

Untitled document Glenn Reynolds points out quite clearly what the choices the Supreme Court has when it decides the Washington, DC gun ban case next year. Essentially, the three choices the court has only has one that most gun owners … Continue reading

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Let Them Eat Rat Cheese

Untitled document Normally, I pay as little attention as possible to Heather Mills, the annoying woman who married Paul McCartney. But she kind of went off the deep end the other day, being quoted as saying: "There are many other … Continue reading

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Making A Wrong A Right

Untitled document The US Army has already tepped in to the case of a wounded soldier who was asked to return a portion of his enlistment bonus (original post here.) Jordan Fox will NOT have to return any of that … Continue reading

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The Tragedy Of The Commons

Untitled document John Stossel points out a little known bit of history about the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving. The colony nearly starved in the beginning because they tried to live communally. They only began to thrive when each family began tending … Continue reading

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Ruth Marcus Dismantles Paul Krugman

Untitled document Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus cheerfully dismantles Paul Krugman's "don't worry, be happy" political pontification about Barack Obama and Social Security. I linked to that New York Times embarrassment when he went off on Obama for proposing a … Continue reading

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