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Apoultry 13: A Not Ron Howard Film

Untitled document Houston, we have a turkey. (Via Terrierman). Long. Worth it.   Tweet

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French Transport Union Folds – Strike Collapses

Untitled document Nicolas Sarkozy appears to have won a major victory in his quest to improve the economy of France. The rail workers who went out on strike nine days ago have voted to end the strike. The collapse of … Continue reading

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Defending The Indefensible

Untitled document Michael Van Der Galien does a masterful job of fisking Libby Spencer over at Newshoggers. I'll let him cover this one: At The Newshoggers. Libby writes: “Now I don’t want to get into a debate over whether Chavez … Continue reading

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Why In The World Would She Want This?

Untitled document Bernadette Chirac, the wife of former French President Jacques Chirac, has endorsed Hillary Clinton. She has also offered to attend the Democratic National convention and campaign for Clinton. "She's a woman who is not liked by everybody. But … Continue reading

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Scientific Turkey

Untitled document Why is dark meat dark and white meat light? Ever wonder why? There is, of course, a scientifical-type answer: So that there is a reason to fight over the drumstick. Okay, that's not really the reason. It actually … Continue reading

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A Proclamation

Untitled document By the President of the United States of America. A Proclamation. The year that is drawing towards its close, has been filled with the blessings of fruitful fields and healthful skies. To these bounties, which are so constantly … Continue reading

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The Monster That Congress Built Comes Home

Untitled document Robert Novak notes the abject failure of Harry Reid to manage to get a "patch" for the Alternative Minimum Tax through the Senate. In past years the Congress has managed to put on a patch so as to … Continue reading

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British Data Loss Scandal Deepens

Untitled document The Telegraph is reporting that British ministers and officials ignored repeated warnings about serious flaws in data security in the years leading up to the newest loss of personal data of 25 million Britons – including those of … Continue reading

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