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Untitled document I read this in the Daily Mail and had to walk away from my computer and right out of my office. When I came back,it wasn't any better. Soldiers who suffered appalling injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan were … Continue reading

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Scary Poppins

Untitled document When the east wind blows……..    Brilliant editing. Tweet

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Playing Titanic – Update

Untitled document And the news is that the Canadian eco-tourism cruise ship Explorer has sunk in the waters near Antarctica. (Earlier post here.) The entire vessel finally slipped beneath the waves Friday evening, about 20 hours after the predawn accident … Continue reading

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Another Thanksgiving Day Dinner That Couldn’t Be Beat….

Untitled document Yesterday, I roasted a 12-pound turkey for the family. Today we had turkey frame soup. There are still gobs of leftovers. So I cannot imagine how much is left over from this guy's Thanksgiving. He roasted a bit … Continue reading

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Claus(e) And Effect

Untitled document In a sign that the times have changed for the worse, the United States Postal Service, which has for many years turned Christmas letters from needy children over to volunteer "Santas" to help the kids out is now requiring … Continue reading

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Running Scared In Iowa

Untitled document The Chicago Sun-Times asks whether Hillary Clinton is running scared in Iowa. Noting the same poll that I did showing Obama very slightly ahead in Iowa, the paper reports that there are signs that the Clinton campaign is … Continue reading

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The Secular Shakers

Untitled document The Shakers built 19 communal settlements that attracted some 200,000 converts over the next century. Strict believers in celibacy, Shakers maintained their numbers through conversion and adoption of orphans. Turnover was very high; the group reached maximum size … Continue reading

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Parsing The Second Amendment

Untitled document Mike Cox, the attorney general of Michigan, parses the language of the Second Amendment to the Constitution and compares the language to the rest of the Bill of Rights. He makes a very strong case that the right … Continue reading

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Playing Titanic

Untitled document Passengers on a Canadian cruise ship off the coast of Antarctica got a chance to play Titanic in real life. The Explorer appears to have hit an iceberg and is taking on water rapidly. The captain ordered passengers … Continue reading

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Sarkozy Ascendant

Untitled document The Washington Post editorializes on the tough stance Nicolas Sarkozy has taken in France. Despite a history of labor unrest causing the fall of previous governments, Sarkozy is acting aggressively to change the system in France. He shows … Continue reading

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Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Gently Up Denial

Untitled document Charles Krauthammer points out the complete and utter state of denial that exists in the Democratic leadership in Congress and among that party's Presidential contenders. Those folks have a huge emotional investment in losing the war in Iraq … Continue reading

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This No Point For Sale

Untitled document Attention lighthouse aficionados, here's your chance to own a piece of history. Yes, you can but your very own slightly surplus lighthouse. Slightly in this case means the light and foghorn remains functional. The new owner has to … Continue reading

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