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A World Long Past

Untitled document A 12th century copy of a much older map from the Roman Empire went on display for a single day in Austria. The Tabula Peutingeriana was designated a "Memory of the World" document by the United Nations Educational, Scientific … Continue reading

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Untitled document This article from the Weekly Standard made a bell go off about something I had seen earlier today. Reuben F. Johnson writes that there are some indications that the North Korean government may be imploding. Intelligence sources and … Continue reading

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There Are Headaches…..

Untitled document …And then there are headaches. This story will make you cringe. An 18-year old student from India has survived having a four-foot metal pole skewer him completely through the head. Wait until you see the X-ray. Manish Rajpurohit … Continue reading

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Failure To Communicate

Untitled document Charles Peters, writing at Newsweek, decries the apparent inability of his fellow liberals to even acknowledge that there is progress in Iraq. It is an interesting take on things. I don't necessarily agree with everything he writes but he … Continue reading

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Clinton Slipping

Untitled document A newly released Zogby poll indicates that Hillary Clinton lags against five Republicans in a hypothetical head-to-head match ups. This may indicate that Hillary has real electability problems. WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton trails five top … Continue reading

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Wedge Issue?

Untitled document Jed Babbin thinks that the Second Amendment may be the mother of all wedge issues in the 2008 elections. Writing about the Heller case that the Supreme Court has taken up, he points out that any Second Amendment … Continue reading

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Reversal Of Fortunes?

Untitled document The Politico has an interesting article up today. They claim that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have essentially changed places in Iowa. In ways big and small over the weekend, the two campaigns exuded a sense of switched … Continue reading

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Trent Lott Retiring

Untitled document Trent Lott, Republican Senator from Mississippi is apparently going to announce his retirement today. His term does not expire until 2012, so there will have to be a special election to select his replacement. Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.) … Continue reading

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The Trap

Untitled document There is another op-ed today in the Financial Times pointing out the trap the Democrats have managed to set for themselves. Clive Crook points out just how dangerous a position the Democrat's left-pandering on the Iraq war has … Continue reading

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