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“Cannot Fail”

Untitled document That is how (T)Hugo Chavez described the referendum on his plan to seize all power in Venezuela via a mask of democracy. CARACAS, Venezuela – Rallies for and against constitutional changes proposed by President Hugo Chavez surged Tuesday … Continue reading

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The Price Of Greatness

Untitled document Robert Gates delivered a long address yesterday as part of the Landon Lecture Series on Public Issues at Kansas State University. It is a rather longish speech but well worth taking the time to read. Gates details the … Continue reading

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Gone Fishing?

Untitled document Dick Morris predicts that the Clinton campaign will go negative soon against her primary rivals. He predicts that she will use a tried and true method that the Clintons have used for years: send in the private detectives … Continue reading

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French Deploy 1,000 Police Officers

Untitled document In an effort to tamp down the rioting in the northern suburbs of Paris, the French are deploying 1,000 police to the strife torn areas. Unfortunately, it may be a case of too little too late as the … Continue reading

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More High Resolution Magic

Untitled document This time it is a high resolution satellite map of Antarctica, fully zoomable and with a resolution of about 1 pixel to 90 meters. It can be browsed online or the images can be downloaded. In support of … Continue reading

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France Afire

Untitled document Riots have erupted in suburban areas of Paris and are escalating. Rioters (quaintly identified as "youths") have begun shooting at police with shotguns. So far some 82 police officers have been injured, four with serious wounds caused by … Continue reading

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Labor’s Hands Caught In The Cookie Jar

Untitled document A growing scandal over illegal campaign contributions appears to be swamping the British Labor party. The British media is going bonkers on this one, it is the lead story all over the place. The funds were illegally funneled … Continue reading

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New Mexico’s Illegal Alien Problem

Untitled document These are not aliens coming across the borders, either. They are coming from outer space. Well, sort of. There is a flap in New Mexico over a new television ad campaign promoting tourism in New Mexico. Some tourism … Continue reading

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A New Old Shibboleth

Untitled document shib·bo·leth: 3. a common saying or belief with little current meaning or truth. When even the assistant editor of The New Republic isn't buying the "new" model for foreign policy that many in the Democratic party are leaning … Continue reading

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Stubbornly Like Johnson?

Untitled document An odd article from the New York Times today that looks at where Eliot Spitzer has gone wrong. Generally friendly in tone to the embattled Governor of New York, it has a few things that might make New Yorkers … Continue reading

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Toilet To Tap

Untitled document In Orange County, California, they are about to turn on a new facility to recycle sewage into potable water. Regulations prohibit the direct reuse of the water, so it will not go directly into the drinking water system. … Continue reading

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