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Untitled document The Clinton campaign's planted shill at the CNN/Youtube debate is getting major right-blogospere coverage and a deafening silence on the left side so far. I don't expect that will change much. Isn't her campaign content with planting questions … Continue reading

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A Powerful Fraudulent Moment

Untitled document Jonathan Martin at The Politico got pwned – badly – by a very badly rigged question – and question asker – at the CNN/YouTube debate. A retired Army general, Keith Kerr, just listed all his military credentials and then … Continue reading

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They’re Watching You

Untitled document The Miami-Dade police will join the Houston police department as the first two operators of a new high-tech aerial surveillance drone system. The tiny vehicle, called the Micro Air Vehicle or MAV is built by Honeywell it is … Continue reading

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Ultimate Speedbump

Untitled document Bruce Webster over at And Still I Persist found this gem over at American Digest. I'll cheerfully glom onto it to – this amused heck out of my youngest boy and myself. (Spiffy new theme over at Bruce's … Continue reading

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CNN/YouTube Debate

Untitled document I did not get to watch all of it (life tends to intervene when you have children) but did get to see part of it. Surprise reaction: Mike Huckabee did very on those questions I got to see … Continue reading

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Untitled document Earlier, I linked to an article that described (T)Hugo Chavez's escalation of a war of words with Colombian President Alvaro Uribe. I mentioned that it was just another attempt to distract Venezuelans from the upcoming referendum. Well, he must really … Continue reading

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Untitled document Mort Kondracke writing at Roll Call (via Real Clear Politics), looks at some numbers – and the quirkiness of the Iowa Caucus – and thinks there is a real possibility of Hillary Clinton losing the state and the … Continue reading

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Chavez Escalates Confrontation With Colombia

Untitled document In what is likely an attempt to distract the public from the referendum to impose a dictatorship on themselves, (T)Hugo Chavez has escalated his rhetoric against the President of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe. He has done this sort of … Continue reading

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A New Low

Untitled document Jim Hoft reports on a completely fabricated news story that has been busted wide open. Several media organizations and the group Reporters Without Borders were taken in by the shocking claim that 11 members of an Iraqi "journalist's" … Continue reading

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Dead Man Voting Contributing

Untitled document In USA Today, they report on a weird twist in Federal campaign laws that allows dead people to make political contributions. No, really. Dead people. WASHINGTON — Harold Schooler died in 2003, but his political activism lives on. … Continue reading

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“The Indiana Jones Of Tiki Drinks”

Untitled document Jeff Berry is a man with a mission. His self-imposed quest: to recreate many of the lost drink recipes from the heyday of the Tiki-themed bars. He thinks he has found the Holy Grail of Tikidom, the original … Continue reading

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Spitzer To NY Assembly: Please Marry Me?

Untitled document If you want to know just how far Eliot Spitzer's political stock has fallen in New York, you have to look no further than this somewhat bizarre appearance he made before Democratic party members of the New York Assembly. … Continue reading

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Common Sense On Common Language

Untitled document John Fund comments again today on the deal Nancy Pelosi made with the Hispanic Caucus to kill a bipartisan amendment to a funding bill that provides money to FBI, NASA and Justice Department. That amendment would have indemnified the Salvation … Continue reading

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