Breakfast At Tiffany’s Bloomberg’s

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This is funny, even if it is just a bit of baseless pot stirring. It seems Barack Obama had breakfast with New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. The New York Media is having a ball with it.

NEW YORK (CBS) ? Just when the speculation seemed to simmer to silence, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has once again turned up the heat on the presidential hot stove.

The Independent mayor had a mystery breakfast meeting in Manhattan Friday morning with Democratic candidate Barack Obama, a move that could irk the Hillary Clinton campaign seeing as, after all, New York is her turf.

Bloomberg has repeatedly asserted he plans to complete his entire mayoral term and keep out of the presidential race, but he sure knows how to tease the masses.

Obama and Bloomberg met on a coffee date, scheduled because of their "mutual interest." The billionaire mayor and the Illinois senator chatted over eggs and potatoes early Friday at the New York Luncheonette on East 50th Street.

"We are trying to push our agenda because it helps New Yorkers, and because what's worked in New York will work elsewhere," said Bloomberg spokesman Stu Loeser. "There are a lot of people we'd like to speak to and we're going to continue to press our case."

Security closed the diner to regular customers while the politicians were there. 

I don't see either of these men agreeing to be Vice President. Obama is running strongly enough that even if he does not get the nomination as President in 2008 that he would be a contender in the future – provided he does not disappear into the obscurity of the VP job. (Al Gore, anyone?). Bloomberg has 'way too big an ego to play second fiddle. So I think there is no reason to worry about them teaming up.

But if they did, which party would be more frightened by the third party run?

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  1. Maggie says:

    Obama … dude …

    Three words:

    1) Ft.

    2) Marcy

    3) Park

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