Exciting Debate News!

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In an exclusive score for the blogosphere, Jim Lynch, proprietor of bRight and Early, the essential coffee-fueled blog, has discovered the next sponsor for a Presidential debate. It is absolutely inspiring! None other than the Home and Garden Network!

In a cable television coup, the Home and Garden Network has landed the next presidential debate. It will be co-hosted by Martha Stewart and that irritating gardening guy with the goofy mustache.

“We heard about the large number of plants in the past two debates and realized that we would be the logical choice for the next forum,” a spokesman for the network announced.

(read it all, there's more.) But that, of course, got we inhabitants of the Crabitat thinking. So we called up our vast technical resources and brought the good folks from Magic 8-Ball Photography and Roadkill Removal, Inc. back with their patented Future Fotography® system (used so perfectly once before.) They managed to capture an image from the next debate. We're so proud.

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