They’re Watching Over You

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The debacle of the lost data disks in Britain – where the revenue office lost two disks containing highly personal data of millions of Britons – just took a turn for the worse. A lot worse, in fact. It seems that the real names and new identities of up to 350 people in witness protection programs were part of the data lost.

The missing data discs are understood to contain both the real names and the new identities of up to 350 people who have had their identities changed after giving evidence against major criminals.

The development is one of the most serious so far in the missing data discs scandal, in which the child benefit records of 25 million people – including their names, addresses, birth dates, national insurance numbers and bank account details – were lost by HM Revenue and Customs.

The new identities of protected witnesses would be valuable property on the criminal market and, if they fell into the wrong hands, could place their lives and those of their families in jeopardy.

It will cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of pounds to provide the witnesses with yet another identity.

The British nanny state is watching over everyone. Unfortunately the nannies are not competent to locate their collective posteriors with both hands. Don't think it can't happen here – it already is:

It should come as no surprise that university’s in America, though bastions of academic learning and grassroots protest, aren’t exactly what one would call “privacy friendly”. In just the latest example Montclair State University (N.J.) is requiring their students purchase special GPS tracking cell phones, whether they already have a personal phone or not:

Two years ago, well before Virginia Tech, Montclair State made the cell phones mandatory for all first-year students living in dorms at the largely commuter school in suburban New York City. Now, all new full-time undergraduates – whether they live on campus or off – are required to buy them. About 6,000 students have them now.

Karen Pennington, vice president for campus life, said she and others on campus wanted to use the phones for instruction – letting professors take instant polls in class, for instance – and for safety as well.

Notice that the introduction of Orwellian surveillance tactics is being done in the name of safety. Funny how the left screeches that George Bush is ushering in a police state. It seems to me it is already here – starting with  heavily leftist academia.

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2 Responses to They’re Watching Over You

  1. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    Now, all new full-time undergraduates – whether they live on campus or off – are required to buy [cell phones].

    And who enforces this? The Cell Phone Gestapo?

    Considering what a public menace cell phones are becoming, a better case could be made for the opposite situation. Is that driver ahead of you drunk? No – he is yakking on the phone! And cell phones became such a distraction at the private school where I teach students were required to switch them to “Silent” or completely off – under penalty of confiscation.

  2. feeblemind says:

    OK. The students are required to buy one. What happens if they forget to carry it with them?

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