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Arctic Cold Blasts Midsection Of US

Untitled document A wave of bitterly cold air is sweeping through the midsection of the nation, touching off snow and ice storms from the southwest to the northeast. It does not look like it is going to improve much for … Continue reading

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Diminishing The Universities

Untitled document Robert Maranto, an associate professor of political science at Villanova University, writes an op-ed in Today's Washington Post that exposes, yet again, the decidedly leftist bias in academia today. He points out, quite reasonably, that the impact of … Continue reading

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Dissecting The Energy Bill

Untitled document Bruce "McQ" McQuain from QandO, guesting over at Right Wing News, takes apart the energy bill that just passed the House of Representatives and examines the real impacts it will have on Americans. It isn't pretty, not at … Continue reading

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Increased Corn Production = Increased Water Pollution

Untitled document So says the Washington Post in an article today discussing the amount of Atrazine found in water. Atrazine is the second most widely used weedkiller in the US and is widely used by corn farmers. Atrazine has also … Continue reading

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Santa’s In The Air And The Sap Is Running

Untitled document The Washington Post points out that despite the hard boiled, bah humbug attitudes many people affect at Christmas time, the mushy, sentimental films and television shows that are played over and over each year continue to gather astonishingly … Continue reading

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