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The New Canadian Fashion Statement

Untitled document This, to borrow the phrase, beggars belief. Mark Steyn is being hauled in front of what amounts to a kangaroo court in Canada (actually two separate courts) for his writings. Specifically, his book America Alone. The New York … Continue reading

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Inside The Charm Offensive

Untitled document Ben Smith at The Politico, reports on the internal battle inside camp Hillary over the sudden change in direction for her campaign. She has, as reported earlier today, launched a charm offensive to prove what a swell person … Continue reading

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Intifada On The Mexican Border

Untitled document This is just lovely. It seems that US Border Patrol agents are coming under increasing numbers of attacks – mostly by rock-throwing Mexicans – at the US border with Mexico. Agents have responded more aggressively in recent months … Continue reading

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We’ve Got Ewe Surrounded

Untitled document That's what the homeowners in Whittle Hill in Britain found when they woke up and looked out the windows. They were corralled in their homes by a ruthless gang of sheep. As the residents of a suburban town … Continue reading

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Brits On Ice

Untitled document The Daily Mail is reporting a "Russian-style" winter is gripping Britain with temperatures dropping to -6° C (around 21° F) under cloudless skies. It does not appear that they will get a white Christmas, however. Just a frozen … Continue reading

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Giant Rat Of Sumatra Actually Found!

Untitled document Well, ok, it wasn't actually found in Sumatra, but it was in Indonesia. A gigantic rat, five times the size of a typical city (Norway) rat, the large rodent is also completely unafraid of humans. Which is not … Continue reading

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Nicky’s Got A Girlfriend!

Untitled document Why does the press remind me of a gaggle of school kids standing around chanting some 'brilliant' witticism like, "Nicky's got a girlfriend," when I read something like this? Oh, that's right, because that is exactly how they … Continue reading

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Serf’s Up, Dude

Untitled document serf (sûrf)  n.   1. A member of the lowest feudal class, attached to the land owned by a lord and required to perform labor in return for certain legal or customary rights. 2. An agricultural laborer under various similar systems, … Continue reading

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Northeast Staggers Under Massive Storm

Untitled document The powerful winter storm system(s) that raged across the midsection of the country last week moved on to the northeast over the weekend and pummeled that section rather badly. Some ares got hit with as much as 18 … Continue reading

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A Kinder, Gentler… Hillary?

Untitled document Hillary Clinton's campaign is launching what can only be described as a full frontal assault to showcase her 'warmth.' No, really, she is. One gets the mental image of a battalion of blow-dryer wielding political operatives trying to … Continue reading

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