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Father, Three Kids Rescued From California Snows

Untitled document After becoming lost on Sunday, a father and his three children were rescued today from heavy snows in northern California. The helicopter that spotted them was making its last trip before returning to base before an even heavier … Continue reading

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Bad Santas

Untitled document The things I do for my readers…. (Thanks for the idea, NortonPete.) UPDATE: Dan Riehl also notes the socialist Santa ad. So did John Hawkins. And now, Jim Lynch has Christmas holiday Shillary carols! Tweet

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Ponies All Around

Untitled document This is an absolutely appalling campaign commercial from camp Clinton that just illustrates how much of a tin ear Hillary actually has. She plays Santa, gladhanding away your tax money.   Hat Tip, Hot Air. Somebody with mad … Continue reading

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May We Suggest Some Cheese With That Whine?

Untitled document The Clinton campaign is whining like mad about how unfair all the press coverage of Hillary is. There is just something hysterically funny about all this. Of all people to complain about the media, Hillary is about the … Continue reading

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Nessie Does Hollywood

Untitled document Well, at least an animated version. Benjamen Radford uses the new movie coming out for Christmas as a vehicle to look at the dubious "history" of Loch Ness monster sightings. The producers of the new movie, "The Water … Continue reading

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Midwest Braces For Next Wave Of Storms

Untitled document Accuweather is predicting that a new storm system now hitting the Seattle area is going to pummel the Midwest by the weekend, bringing arctic temperatures with it. Separate storm activity in the northeast will also continue as two … Continue reading

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Fire In The Executive Office Building

Untitled document Washington, DC firefighters are fighting a fire in the Executive Office Building near the White House. Reports say the fire may be located in or near the ceremonial office of Vice President Dick Cheney who was not in … Continue reading

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Please, Don’t Squeeze The ….. Bride?

Untitled document A bride-to-be is about to tie the knot wearing a wedding dress made out of Charmin toilet paper. The wedding will be held – naturally – in a restroom. NEW YORK – Here comes the bride, all dressed … Continue reading

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Appetite All The Way Down

Untitled document Jonah Goldberg looks at the leaks that have sprung in "HMS Hillary" and hopes that it means that the infamous Clinton triangulation has come full circle, like a torpedo that circles back and sinks the vessel that launched … Continue reading

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Global Warming: Caused By Women Who Like Men With Sports Cars!

Untitled document Well, thank heavens for Professor Sir David King, the British government's chief scientist. He has pinpointed that which must be taken away from society if global warming is to be addressed. So all you women who like men … Continue reading

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