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You Will Inform On Yourself

Untitled document Years ago, my college roommate and I , both very much Anglophiles, made plans to visit Britain one summer. We both got our passports and had serious plans about where we would stay and what we would see … Continue reading

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Can The 400 Hold?

Untitled document The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee (minority report) notes that more than 400 prominent scientists, including several former members of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have raised objections – some strenuously – to the … Continue reading

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Oh, Drat

Untitled document I thought that the Hillary Clinton "Socialist Santa" ad had been pulled from YouTube, but it must have been a momentary glitch – it is now working. Oh darn. Tweet

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Well, Jingle My Bells

Untitled document The town in Maine that currently holds the world's record for largest snowman, a 113 feet, 7 inch behemoth named "Angus, King of the Mountain" was constructed in 1999 in Bethel, Maine. This year, they are going to … Continue reading

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A Visit From Team Hillary

Untitled document Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, (‘cept maybe a louse); The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there; The … Continue reading

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When Sneaks Attack

Untitled document MSNBC is reporting what appears to be a singularly sneaky attack by a public employees union that is supporting Hillary Clinton but has sent out a direct mailing that appears to come from supporters of John Edwards. The … Continue reading

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Clinton’s Negative Campaigning, V. 2.0

Untitled document Yeah, so much for that "apology" from Hillary Clinton to Obama. Her campaign has just launched several brand new attack websites dedicated to savaging Barack Obama, according to ABC News. ABC News has learned that the campaign of … Continue reading

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New Email Contact Address

Untitled document Please be advised that I have had to change the email address that is listed on the "About" page. Spammers somehow compromised the original contact address. This applies to that email address only at this time. A human … Continue reading

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Terror And Torture

Untitled document US forces in Iraq have uncovered a suspected al Qaeda torture center. Oh, there is no doubt that it is a torture center. It just isn't completely clear who ran it. But the bodies in a mass grave, … Continue reading

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Surprise: Enforcement Actually Helps Control Illegal Immigration

Untitled document The Tucson Citizen reports that many illegal immigrants are fleeing Arizona in the face of the new state laws mandating sanctions on employers who hire illegals. It is still only a trickle, but the numbers will almost certainly … Continue reading

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Skating On The Edge

Untitled document The Los Angeles Times actually does a reasonably good job of reporting the way that the Clinton campaign has been skating along at the very edge of going fully negative. Their report actually covers the way Clinton has … Continue reading

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