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Clinton’s Sockpuppets Strike Again!

Untitled document Via Ann Althouse, news today that Hillary Clinton's Sockpuppet Army® has struck again. This is so utterly clumsy, it's laughable. Easiest to find is this, from the WaPo: [R]eaders of Blue Hampshire — about 800 a day, a … Continue reading

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Monsters At Christmas

Untitled document Regardless of the outcome of the legal proceedings against these two, there has to be a special place in Hell already all made up for them when they arrive. On Christmas Eve, a family daughter and her boyfriend … Continue reading

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Opening Day Approaches

Untitled document The Opinion Journal surveys the candidates as the Iowa caucuses approach. Less than one week out from the political opening day of the primary season and the Democrats are the ones with the biggest potential winners and losers … Continue reading

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Ice Sculpture

Untitled document Britain's Daily Mail has suddenly noticed that the Midwest of the United States is suffering through a brutal cold snap – which makes for a pretty spectacular picture. It looks like a spectacular scene straight from a fairy … Continue reading

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Department Of Cosmic Justice

Untitled document This is so ironic that no fiction writer would dare to try to put it in a story; nobody would believe it. A burglary suspect arrested by police cleverly gave a false address to avoid a search of … Continue reading

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