Clinton’s Sockpuppets Strike Again!

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Via Ann Althouse, news today that Hillary Clinton's Sockpuppet Army® has struck again. This is so utterly clumsy, it's laughable.

Easiest to find is this, from the WaPo:

[R]eaders of Blue Hampshire — about 800 a day, a relatively small but consequential group that includes party activists and state Democratic leaders — recommend "diaries" that visitors should read. Yesterday, four readers who created new accounts and recommended pro-Clinton postings were traced back to Clinton's campaign. And those readers, Blue Hampshire noted, didn't disclose their relationship with Clinton. In the blogosphere, there's a word for this frowned-upon behavior: "sock-puppeting."

WaPo links to the relevant post at Blue Hampshire, which shows the ineptitude of the puppetry:

Recently, we admins noticed this comment thread on a recommended diary, and the oddities it posed made us look a little deeper than we normally would.

As the comment thread revealed, users pinballwizard, elf, shley24, MTAY all registered in succession to recommend the diary. A further look by us revealed that:

* they had registered within minutes of each other, including another user a bit later, janbaby, who was not among the recommenders,

* the same IP address was used by all of them, and is registered to the Clinton campaign,

* two other recommenders, blues and kmeisje, also registered from the same IP address.

Between her campaign stops having more plants than the average commercial greenhouse and the sockpuppets, it's getting a bit crowded over in Hillaryland. We can see this causing problems for Clinton in the future.

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4 Responses to Clinton’s Sockpuppets Strike Again!

  1. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    I have to point out that when (not if) Hilly the Hun secures the Democrat nomination, all of this negative coverage by the Washington Post and other MSM outlets will vanish faster than a 20-something pretty female intern’s thong panties in Bill Clinton’s Oval Office. What you are seeing from these MSM propaganda organs is a cry of despair at the prospect of being the pooper-scoopers for Clinton Inc. again.

    The MSM deservedly lost a large amount of credibility during the Clinton I administration because of their 24/7 defense of whatever Clinton Inc. did (obstruction of justice, lying under oath, rape, sexual assault, misuse of government organizations such as the FBI and the IRS). A Clinton II administration could erode the MSM’s already shaky position even more.

  2. While we were being subjected to Clinton shenanigans, at least one group had their number:

  3. Uncle Pinky says:


    Only to be expected, really. Doesn’t concern me all that much, as this behaviour is so easily exposed. What I’m worried about is the trend, or the tendency. If she could pack Supreme Court clerks the way she packs audiences … shudder.

    Got back from the range tonight with my little brother. He never had much interest in weaponry, ’til he knew that it was going to be a packed house for the Dems in ’08. I told him that the votes were still a year out, but he still wanted to stock up. I told him that the big decision from the Supreme Court was still a ways away. No sale. He is frightened that his rights will be taken away, and in all honesty I can not promise that they won’t. So he picked up (after research, for he is a tech guy) as nice a set as I’ve ever fired. FnH PS90 and their FiveseveN. Bizarre caliber, if you ask me, but it shoots extremely well. Now, after firing, my only concern is the availability of ammo. It’s a multipurpose round you might want to look into. Virtually zero kick = target acquisition =fast fast fast.

    Now, back to the meat of it; If my little bro is scared, that is an indicator. Having a (R) next to your name is (this far out) a bad thing, but Conservative means solid and that might be what uneasy voters are looking for. Plus: You play that clip of Hillary! saying that she is going to take things away from you to make your life better, at the right time, with the right imagery … You end up with Fred Thompson in the White House.

    I’ve lived through worse things.

  4. How cool would it be to send a bunch of plants in with socks to put on their hands at the next Hi!!ary Q&A?

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