The Cheerful Sound Of Popping ….. Blood Vessels

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In an absolutely hysterical turn of events, the left, which was dancing in the streets when Bill Kristol left Time Magazine, is now suffering from popping blood vessels over Kristol's move to The New York Times.

The New York Times’ hiring of Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol to write for its op-ed page caused a frenzy in the liberal blogosphere Friday night, with threats of canceling subscriptions and claims that the Gray Lady had been hijacked by neo-cons

But Times editorial page editor Andy Rosenthal sees things differently.

Rosenthal told Politico shortly after the official announcement Saturday that he fails to understand “this weird fear of opposing views.”

“The idea that The New York Times is giving voice to a guy who is a serious, respected conservative intellectual — and somehow that’s a bad thing,” Rosenthal added. “How intolerant is that?”

Kristol, whose strident support of President Bush and the war in Iraq remains a source of consternation among liberals, took pride in the reaction on the Huffington Post, where the news first broke.

“I was flattered watching blogosphere heads explode,” Kristol told Politico. “It was kind of amusing.”

Unlike The Times’ stable of biweekly columnists — including Maureen Dowd and fellow Standard alum David Brooks — Kristol will write only once a week, with his first column set for Jan. 7.

Frankly, I was surprised when I heard the news, but the Times' editorial page editor Andy Rosenthal deserves quite a bit of credit for making the choice then standing by it as he has. It is amazing how badly the left wants all dissent shut down, isn't it? Those who continually shriek about being suppressed – on nationwide television – have no tolerance for opposing views. That the Times is actually presenting someone to balance the heavily left-leaning group of columnists they maintain is, at the very least, a smart business move. Because Kristol will generate traffic and readers. Which, of course, may be exactly what the left is so upset about.

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3 Responses to The Cheerful Sound Of Popping ….. Blood Vessels

  1. Sam L. says:

    Increased circulation–well, I’m incensed about that!!

  2. martian says:

    It has been my experience that the Democratic Party – the supposed “party of tolerance” – fails spectacularly in living up to its billing. Liberal Democrats are about the most intolerant people I know of when it comes to any opinion that doesn’t jibe with theirs. Rosenthal asks “How intolerant is that?” My question would be, “How liberal is that?”

  3. Neo says:

    “How liberal is that?”

    There is nothing liberal about it. The better question is ..

    How progressive is that ?

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